Wella T14 vs T18: What’s the difference?


You’ve been researching how to color your hair grey or silver and also you maintain listening to Wella T14 and also T18 … however which one should you use?
Wella T14 and T18 are both parts of Wella’s Shade Beauty array and also are commonly advised for toning hair silver. Each 42ml bottle has a fluid printer toner that must be blended with a designer to work. Its blending proportion is 1 component Color Charm to 2 components 20 volume peroxide and it needs around 30 minutes to process.

HOW TO USE WELLA TONER T18, T14, T10, and T28

Nevertheless, listed below steps for How to Use Wella Printer Toner T18, T10, t14 as well as t28 check below Actions. The printer toner is the very best product for you. Wella is a brand that uses toners in many shades, additionally used to lighten the brassy touches of bleached blonde hair.

Go with T15, T11, T27, or T35 if your hair is naturally dark.

Select T10, T14, t18, or t28 to pale or ash blonde shade.

Usage 10 volume programmers with darker printer toner.

How to Apply Wella Toner Hair

Step 1: First, Select the leading Wella Toner.
Step 2: After, mix up the Wella hair toner.
Step 3: Now, 1 component toner with 2 components 20 quantity designer, and also blend with a brush.
Step: If your Wella printer toner features 10 quantity programmer after mix in 1 part toner and 4 parts 10 quantity programmers.
Step5: after Apply hair shampoo your hair.
Step 6: Now, you can leave Wella hair toner to process for 5 minutes to neutralize and grow hair.
Step 7: After, hair is close to the blonde that you can leave the toner in for just 2 or 3 minutes.
Step 8: Now, wash your hair.
Step 9: Done.

Wella Color Charm bottle

To contrast both printer toners, I’m mosting likely to dye the same items of a bleached blonde human hair (the color is # 60). I’ll process them for the same amount of time and afterwards compare the results.
Human hair weft in “bleached blonde, # 60”. This is the base color I’ll be toning
Right here’s the dye prior to blending it with the programmer.
T14 is labeled “pale ash blonde” as well as T18 is “lightest ash blonde”. You can see that T18 is a little bit bluer and also darker than T14.

Why Should I Use Wella Over Another Brand?

Wella Professionals, based in Germany, has been making hair items for over 130 years, as well as they have an actual propensity for obtaining points juuust. From printer toners to hydrating hair shampoos, you truly can’t fail with Wella.

While some DIY items can produce tragic results (we’re taking a look at you, Sally’s boxed dyes), the majority of users have great success with Wella and also discover that they can obtain salon-worthy results from house. They also supply a substantial series of tones (though you might have to get online, depending on the in-store offerings in your area), suggesting there’s a much greater chance of acquiring the color you’re trying to find.

Truthfully, there’s merely no contrast between Wella and also a lot of the various other DIY brands you’ll locate at your local beauty parlor!

What Is Hair Toner and also How Does It Work?


It’s an item that counteracts brassy tones on blonde or bleached hair. In various other words, it’s a wonder in a bottle that maintains your hair looking all-natural rather than refined.

Just how, you ask? Toner makes use of ammonia mixed with some other chemicals to produce a gel. That gel, when put on your hair, will slightly lift and also tone your hair to fragile and also particular tones of blonde.

Can Toning Damage Your Hair?


Kind of. The printer toner itself will not damage your hair, however the bleach that frequently precedes it (it’s not feasible to lighten your hair with a toner) or the developer required for the printer toner to work can absolutely damage your hair.

We’re all pretty familiar with the methods bleach can harm your hair, but fewer people know with the potential damages programmers can bring upon. Designer opens your hairs’ cuticles so that color can permeate it, but utilizing designers that are also solid (e.g. 30 or 40 quantity, which you should never ever make use of in your home) or using weak programmers too often can be really hard on your hair.

Consequently, you should not tone your hair excessive or too often. it’s essential to give your hair time to recover between toning sessions– a few days at the minimum. In addition to offering your hair a breather, this will additionally provide you a much better idea of what your color is truly like, as it will shift a little bit after being toned.

Troubleshooting Toning Mistakes


Going from your existing hair shade to your desire hair shade through toning can be trickier than it at first appears. Here are 3 typical toning errors and how to avoid them.

1. Toning Lighter Than Your Current Level

This usually takes place when you’re bothered with making your hair as well dark, however using a toner for a degree that’s lighter than the lift you already have can end up developing out of balance warmth and also leading to an uncomfortable appearance.

Solution: Never tone more than the degree the hair is already lifted to.

2. Making Your Hair Overly Ashy

This normally occurs when you remove all gold as well as warm tones in the hopes that it will give you the silvery look you’re going with. All this does is remove your hair’s brightness.

Solution: Never get rid of heat completely. Instead, attempt stabilizing it.

3. When, Toning Too Much All at

While going from your current color to your preferred color in a day would certainly be optimum, it often isn’t feasible, particularly if the distinction between the two is rather radical.

Service: Don’t attempt to achieve your excellent shade all at once. Instead, surrender yourself to the truth that it might take numerous sessions throughout a few months to attain your excellent color.

4. Accidentally Turning Your Hair Green

This can happen if you utilize an ash toner (which includes extra green tones) or blue-tinted toner on yellow-toned hair, as the mix can lead to a green color.

Solution: Avoid environment-friendly- or blue-tinted toners and select purple-tinted ones instead!

5. Toning Darker Without Filling First

Toning darker without loading the hair first will certainly cause a muddy gray shade that almost certainly isn’t what you were opting for.

The printer toners as they come out of the bottle
Right here’s just how the color looks when it’s used. T14 is much paler as well as a lot more silvery than T18, which looks violet on the hair.
T14 (bottom) looks much more silver related to the hair, while T18 appears violet
I let them develop for about 40 mins, which is longer than advised.

A longer advancement time was needed since the hair was remaining on a chilly work desk; I would certainly expect you ‘d just require thirty minutes if putting on your hair. It’s constantly best to do a strand examination to figure it out timings prior to coloring your very own hair.

T18 (top) is a little warmer. T14 has far better coverage but can look slightly eco-friendly in some lights
T18 is warmer toned that T14 as well as has a tip of violet. It didn’t cover as equally as T14 but looks a lot more like an all-natural grey.
Shade Charm is great, however …

While I think Shade Beauty does a fantastic work of toning, as well as is a good selection for dealing with excess warmth in your hair, I do not suggest it as a long-lasting solution. Although the box states it’s irreversible– it has a permanent lightening impact of 1 or 2 degrees– the color does rinse in a few weeks and also you will certainly need to rejuvenate the colour typically. Since it has ammonia and also can lighten your hair, using it frequently will accumulate damage to your hair.

The bright side is that there are many non-damaging hair colorants offered that give similar or much better outcomes. Adore, Crazy Shade, Pravana, Manic Panic as well as Stimulates all have at the very least one superb grey/silver color in their variety as well as can be made use of as often as needed without damaging your hair.
Obtained an inquiry regarding dyeing your hair grey or making use of Wella’s T14 or T18? Ask our forum!

T14 as well as T18 are both components of Wella’s Shade Appeal variety and are usually suggested for toning hair silver. Wella is a brand that provides printer toners in numerous shades, also made use of to lighten the brassy undertones of bleached blonde hair.

Longer development time was required since the hair was resting on a cold work desk; I would expect you ‘d just need 30 mins if applying to your hair. Color Charm is great, but …
While I think Color Charm beauty a great excellent of toning, and is a good choice for correcting dealing with warmth heat your hair, I don’t do it as a long-term long-lasting option Given that it has ammonia and also can lighten your hair, utilizing it frequently will gather damages to your hair.

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