Stitch Braids Your Full Guide In 2020


The contemporary Stitch Feed-In Braids method stems from the tried as well as real Cornrowing strategy. Africans put on cornrows given that as early as 3000 B.C. Cornrows, additionally known as Canerows, acquired their name by standing for the planting of sugarcane and corn by servants.

Cornrows are incredibly common in African American background as they were recognized to have actually been used to make maps and signals for slaves to leave captivity. These traditional pigtails have now paved the way to numerous other entwining techniques, among which is the style known as stitch braids. The stitch braids style arised and increased in appeal in 2020

 How to do Stitch Braids?

Holding pomade is put on every line of hair. It is likewise applied to the bottom of the roots of these sections. Pomade is the glue to the whole style and will substantially impact the success of the style.

Stitch Braids are indicated to be extremely uniform as well as crisp– the pomade will certainly additionally help them to achieve this design. All hairs of hair are lined up in place by the pomade.

A number of pomade choices are the trustworthy Shine n’ Jam or the Crème of Nature Argon Oil Edge Control.

Special hair-friendly hair-bands are utilized to loophole the areas at the roots. The result is sophisticated square braids. Weaving is done similarly as in other braids.

When entwining, the stylist picks the tiny ponytails, just as they would certainly pick small portions of hair, in regular braiding. Feeding-in of option high-quality or natural artificial extension is done to include body to these thick cornrows, just as in the Ghana pigtails and also feed-in pigtails.

The slim sections of hair are not subjected to the exact same elastic band looping or feeding-in with expansions as the significant ones are. Rather, they are merely plaited into routine cornrows.

One can opt to braid the whole head with all thick lines just, or, have some slim cornrows in between the thick rubber-band sewed ones.

The elegance of the Stitch Braids remains in the final neat and also one-of-a-kind appearance. One can opt to include attractive grains to some braids.

Another Installation Technique

stitch braids

Producing Stitch Braids utilizing this technique can be a fairly tiresome job, once you start, it will certainly become easier.

Rather than using rubber bands to produce the sharp boxed sections, you will be producing them all by hand as you finish the pigtail.

Pomade, a rat tail brush, as well as coordinated fingers will certainly can be found in handy when using this method.

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When using this bandless technique, see to it that your hair is completely detangled.

This will certainly make dividing via the hair when braiding the hair fast and easy, which you’ll need when attempting to perfect the design.

These braids satisfaction themselves on neatness, so smooth detangled hair is a must. The hair being detangled accompanied by a rat tail comb and sufficient pomade will make creating this style feasible without the rubber bands

  1. Begin by braiding the hair a minimum of four times
  2. Begin your stitch by using your pinky nail to part your first 2 areas but wait for a number of stitches before you include extension hair.

The center item will certainly combine with the middle section of the pigtail. From below, you will proceed the process until the pigtail is completed.

For more information, Check out this technique: Stitch Braids With No Rubber Bands


stitch braids

Sew Feed-In Braids can be developed in several different designs. You can have them in the typical straight back have some enjoyable or look with it.

Some go with a bun appearance while others favor a ponytail. Various other feasible alternatives are developing a fifty percent up half down look, dual buns, or all of the pigtails curving going to one side of your head.

There are several choices when it involves the style, yet the only downside is that once you have that a person style, you can refrain from doing much to alter it up. Be certain when choosing on just how you desire your Stitch Braids to be styled that it’s something you can live with for a while.

How Long do Stitch Braids Last?

Stitch Braids are an extremely durable protective design choice. These braids can last you as much as 2 months or possibly only one depending on how fast your hair expands.

Once your design expands out way too much, you will certainly more than likely intend to take them down because of them losing their crispness; the extra your hair outgrows them.

Who Is the Style Suitable For?

stitch braids

Stitch braids are great for rugged hair types ranging from 3A to 4C hair. If you’re exceptionally tender-headed, think about that before determining on this design.

This design will certainly need a great deal of yanking and pulling on your hair as well as scalp. Additionally, to accomplish the sharp crispness, the pigtails will need to be relatively tight. They need to never be as well uncomfortably tight, but also for someone with a delicate scalp, the pain could be much more extreme.

When to Wear Stitch Braids?

You can use stitch braids year-round, however many individuals will certainly pick this design for the summertime. It is fantastic for holidays, yet take care not to obtain the pigtails too damp, or your natural hair might start to wreck the cleanliness as well as revert of the design.

Pros and also Cons of Stitch Braids.


  • – Long-lasting protective style. Sew Feed-In Braids are an excellent, long-lasting design if you want your hair out of your hands for a couple of weeks. They last up to 2 months and also will certainly help your hair in low adjustment, which reduces damage.
  • – It can be carried out in several versatile patterns and also designs. When deciding exactly how you want your Stitch Braids to look, there are many designs to pick from. You can have a bun, ponytail, half up half down, and so on


  • – Lack of convenience. It is a wonderful style that can be created in several methods, once you have your style, you’re stayed with it.
  • – It can trigger stress on your scalp. If Stitch Braids are refrained properly, it is very easy for them to be uncomfortably tight on your scalp. This will cause a great deal of tugging on your scalp and also can bring about loss of hair and damage. It’s important to be aware that your stylist isn’t intertwining too tightly.

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