20 Best Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women


Having just had all of my hair cut off for among those short bob haircuts, I can safely claim it’s a wonderful hairstyle option. In the summer time it is much cooler than having long hair, yet unlike an adorable pixie, short bobs can grow out easily without needing a lot of maintenance. These days, bob haircuts can be styled to look equally as fashionable, enchanting, or wild as long hair, as well as think us that hot hair coloring strategies like sombre as well as balayage can make short bobs look a lot more amazing.

This post has to do with all points bobbed! We cover the unusual history of this commonly questionable as well as iconic bob hairstyle. We’ll assist you choose the right brief bobs for you based on your face form as well as hair kind if that piques your interest. To obtain you inspired, we’ve picked the 61 finest examples of short bob hairstyles so you can discover the ideal version to show to your hairdresser.

Table of Contents

Short Bob Haircuts for Women: Contents

  •  The History of the Bob Haircut
  •  Choosing the Perfect Bob Haircut for Your Face Shape
  •  Choosing the most effective Short Bob for You Hair Type
  •  70 Cute Short Bob Haircuts for Women to Try

The History of the Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts are generally a ladies’s hairstyle where the hair is longer than a pixie, hanging somewhere listed below the ears but still above the shoulder. Lengthy bob hairstyles can go just a little past the shoulders.

In a normal bob, the hair is cut so it is the same size completely around, although these days, finished bobs where the hair is much shorter in the back and progressively gets longer at the front are equally as common.

Short bob hairstyles can be styled with or without bangs, and also a few strands around the face can be a little much shorter too. Nowadays it is additionally really common for hairdressers to utilize layering and razor cutting strategies to include structure as well as to manage the form of the hair.

Historically, females in the West would have maintained their hair long all throughout the Victorian period and for as long as can be appreciated ahead of time. Normally, their hair would have been styled into fancy updos to keep it out of the face.

There are some instances of fashionable women wearing much shorter hair, consisting of French actress Polaire and also American ballroom dancer Irene Castle in the 1910s, yet in most cases, it was seen as either austere or childlike as well as masculine.

As ladies began working throughout WWI to cover the duties of the men who went off to war, shorter hairstyles became a practical option. Together with trousers and also passionate textiles, women also gradually began wearing their hair much shorter for usefulness.

It was in the post-war period of the ’20s when the bob haircut came to be a fashionable option rather than a practical one. Brief bobs and also medium bob haircuts came as part of the flapper transformation in females’s style, in addition to drop-waist silhouettes, visible makeup, and also much shorter hemlines. Several popular actresses taken on much shorter hair, as well as routine ladies followed in droves.

For most of the ’20s short bob haircuts were the only stylish hairstyle. The hair was typically crinkled right into a Marcel wave or worn with cloche hats or headbands.

The large bob hairstyle resurgence took place in the 1960s thanks to the iconic beautician Vidal Sassoon. Sassoon styled the hair of several famous models and also starlets into extremely short bobs that had very sharp lines. The 5 factor was particularly remarkable, with its points of hair accentuating the ears and also a W-shape in the back. This style was extremely androgynous, specifically at a time when males were additionally sporting shag haircuts.

Hair obtained longer and also more large in the ’70s, and bobs were less usual.

Though hair got bigger in the ’80s, shorter hair additionally became somewhat usual for females once more. The bobs of the 1980s had a great deal of quantity, unlike the structured short bob hairstyles of the ’60s.

From the 80s onwards, bob haircuts would certainly end up being a flawlessly appropriate choice for females, though they would certainly never ever go beyond the trendiness of long hair. Short bobs would be styled according to prominent style, so occasionally we would see more split or a lot more candid variations of them with or without bangs and with differing ways of parting.

These days, textured, graduated bobs are the most common but we’re certain that in simply a few years we’ll see a brand-new way of shaking bob haircuts.


 Choosing the Perfect Bob Haircut for Your Face Shape

Selecting a bob haircut that will certainly suit your face shape is extremely vital. Unlike with long hair, brief bobs have a big impact, as well as just one inch makes the distinction in between unpleasant and also complementary.

Short Bob Haircuts for a Round Face

As well as the length of your face is about equal to its size after that you have a round face if you have a rounded temple as well as jawline. A short bob hairstyle can be challenging given that the incorrect length will certainly make your face look squat.

, if you would instead play it risk-free stick to a bob that ends a little bit past your jawline.. If you still want to feel like you’re shaking short hair, you can go with a finished bob so that your neck can do not hesitate. Keeping your hair split to the side will certainly likewise be much more lovely.

Short Bob Haircuts for an Oval Face

Short Bob Haircuts for an Oval Face

Oval is a very usual face form where the face is narrower than it is wide, with a rounded temple and also jaw. Usually, the cheekbones are fairly famous, with the facility of the face being its largest part.

Most bob haircuts look excellent on oblong face shapes, and also you can really experiment with designs, partings, and also lengths. If you like, you can start out with a short bob that falls just below your cheekbones, and as it expands out take note of find out which length is your favorite.

Short Bob Haircuts for a Heart-Shaped Face

Short Bob Haircuts for a Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have a somewhat broad temple, high cheekbones, and also a slim chin. Select a bob haircut with bangs if you ‘d like to understate your forehead. You have a lot of alternatives below, as you can have side bangs or straight throughout bangs cut rough or very tidy.

In order to make your jawline look a little larger, have your brief bob fall somewhere between the beginning of your jawline and also your chin, or directly listed below the chin. You can choose to highlight your slim jawline by having a really brief bob hairstyle that ends right listed below the cheekbones.

Short Bob Haircuts for a Diamond Face

Short Bob Haircuts for a Diamond Face

If you have a very narrow forehead, pointy chin, and also sharp, high cheekbones, then you have a diamond-shaped face. This sort of sharp face is best complemented by soft layers and curly designing. A side-swept, curled bob is specifically wonderful. Keeping the bob a little longer is typically best for maintaining the face looking soft.

Short Bob Haircuts for a Square Face

Short Bob Haircuts for a Square Face

A square face is the sharper version of a rounded face. The length as well as width of the face are about the exact same, yet the temple as well as jaw are both a little sharper tilted.

A curly bob can do a beautiful work of softening a square face. It is much better to go with a longer bob that will certainly hang a little under the chin. A middle part is terrific for improving the face as well as helping to extend it.

Choosing the most effective Short Bob for You Hair Type

When it comes to having bob hairstyles that will certainly collaborate with your hair kind, the fact of the matter is that it’s mostly approximately your stylist to make magic occur. Make sure to explain your hair’s actions to your stylist, especially if they’re cutting your hair for the first time.

Or else, your brief bob may look incredible after it’s been blow-dried at the hair salon once you wash it and also allow it air-dry you’ll locate that the haircut does not actually fit with the method your hair behaves.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Curly Hair

When left to their very own devices, the danger with curly hair is that bobs can become very triangular. Warm designing or utilizing a hair mousse can aid you regulate your swirls a little better, but it’s likewise best to begin with a well-rounded bob hairstyle.

Make sure your stylist gives you correct layers to give the hair a good shape. Really blunt cuts are not going to help you, while more textured ends will certainly enable your swirls to look bouncy and healthy.

When curly hair gets moist, it ends up being a lot longer than when it’s dry, so ensure to pick a stylist that’s a professional at cutting curly hair to avoid ending up with a shorter appearance than you bargained for.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Bob haircuts for wavy hair can have the exact same risks as bob cuts for curly hair. The form can come to be unusual and also truly uncomplimentary if the hair obtains frizzy.

Those with curly hair can generally handle blunt cuts better than those with curly hair, as long as the hair has enough size to go down level. For much shorter bobs, it is much better to choose layers that will certainly function normally with the wave of your hair, to produce a spherical shape.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Straight Hair

There’s a lot you can do with straight hair! Bob hairstyles will work in all forms as well as types, considering that you don’t require to worry about unpleasant cowlicks or frizziness.

Any type of size will certainly work well, as well as you can actually have a good time with straight lines and also serious angles. If you do not wish to look as well extreme, nevertheless, then select a razored, choppy bob that will look a little softer and also more mussed.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

When you have candid hair, a candid short bob is likely not mosting likely to work. The hair will certainly puff up rather than putting down flat, specifically if you intend to stay clear of straight-ironing it.

There are two means to make bob haircuts works when your hair is extremely thick. If you’re very set on having a candid bob then one way is to opt for a slightly longer bob so that the weight of the hair will certainly keep it hanging down instead of allowing it to broaden and also obtain kinky.

The various other option is to select a more split bob haircut, particularly with damaging. Let your stylist know that you would certainly such as the hair thinned as well as layered in such a way to make sure that it doesn’t broaden right into a triangular shape. This will likewise help you with designing and also takes place to be an extremely contemporary strategy.

 Short Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

When your hair is thin, you want to select a bob haircut and also style that will assist give all-natural quantity to your hair. Extremely textured, finished bobs always look a lot more large than blunt bobs. When it comes to styling your short bobs, beachy waves will certainly help provide it much more quantity. A texturizing spray or mousse will likewise provide your locks a little bit extra bulk.


Having simply had all of my hair chopped off for one of those short bob haircuts, I can securely state it’s a wonderful hairstyle option. These days, bob haircuts can be styled to look simply as fashionable, romantic, or wild as long hair, as well as think us that warm hair dyeing methods like sombre and also balayage can make brief bobs look even much more remarkable.

Short bobs as well as tool bob haircuts came as component of the flapper revolution in ladies’s fashion, along with drop-waist silhouettes, noticeable make-up, and much shorter hemlines. When your hair is slim, you want to pick a bob haircut and design that will assist provide natural volume to your hair. Really textured, finished bobs constantly look extra abundant than blunt bobs.

  •  70 Cute Short Bob Haircuts for Women to Try

1.Short Black Bob With Bangs

Short Black Bob With Bangs

How would you describe this appearance?

This is a razor-cut mid-neck size bob with college graduation. This woman has bangs that fit her face– shorter and more textured. This cut was not coiffure with a brush however with a diffuser and browse spray to encourage all-natural motion and also structure. This color is her all-natural color– almost black!

Any kind of suggestions for a person considering it?

This is a wonderful try to find someone who likes wearing shorter hair with little to loosened waves and wishes to simply allow it air completely dry with some browse spray.

2.Fun Choppy Bob with a Deep Side Part

How would certainly you explain this look and also what is your preferred feature of it?

This rough brief bob reduced that’s distinctive and tilted is one of my favorite designs. It’s so functional as well as can go from straight and smooth to tousled and also distinctive like it’s displayed in the picture. This is such a fun, teasing bob with a deep side part that is very easy to replicate in the house.

What products do you suggest to recreate this appearance and also maintain?

For this look, I used Kenra Body Boosting Spray Foam as well as Kenra Blowdry Spray for volume and luster, after that crinkled with a 1-inch iron, leaving completions directly for a more textured appearance.

What sort of client would certainly you recommend this search for?

This brief choppy bob cut as well as style works well for a lot of face forms and also can be styled so easily in the house, making it a good choice for almost every person.

3. Sexy A-Line Bob

Sexy A-Line Bob

Just how would you define this look as well as what is your favored feature of it?

This appearance is sassy, yet a lot more lively than your traditional short A-line bob. The boundary is textured as opposed to candid, and also the inside is sliced via in order to eliminate excess weight. My favorite element of this look is the fact that it is really reduced upkeep, yet has a ton of design.

What products do you recommend to keep and recreate this look?

To maintain this look, I advise applying Kevin Murphy Body Mass spray all over wet hair. To end up, use Kevin Murphy Doo Over for a fresh as well as undone look that will certainly hold throughout the day.

What type of customer would certainly you advise this try to find?

I would advise this cut for the reduced maintenance client that also values style as well as a top quality grow out. This cut is excellent for normally curly hair as well as oval and/or little face shapes.

4. Unbalanced Bob

Unbalanced Bob

Just how would you explain this look?

This brief unbalanced bob is an upgraded version of among the most traditional brief bobs of perpetuity.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This bob haircut can be tailored in many methods to match various hairs. Depending on the face size, you can either draw attention or delay interest depending upon the size you go with. You can also experiment with layers and texture to either make the hair fuller and also blunter or get the weight and also include some layers or face framework.

5. A Very Short Layered Bob

A Very Short Layered Bob

How would you explain this appearance?

This extremely short, layered bob hairstyle is a traditional shape improved by a solid, chippy edge. The border imitates the jawline, which helps keep equilibrium as well as visual allure.

Any suggestions for somebody considering it?

The solid fringe works well for oval, ruby and oval face forms or to minimize a famous temple. It’s excellent for straight to curly hair that’s fine, tool or rugged.

To style, use a smoothing lotion (like Kerastase Oleo-Relax or Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum) and also a lotion gel (like Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme or Kerastase Forme Fatale). Do with a touch of styling paste or clay (like Bumble and also Bumble Thickening Creme Contour or SumoClay) for soft interpretation and also structure in the boundary and fringe.

6. Edgy, Face Framing Bangs

How would certainly you describe this appearance as well as what is your favored thing about it?

This appearance is 50% timeless, 50% edgy. I enjoy that the mini bangs can be pleasant or badass, relying on just how you style them. Having fun with shorter bangs is an enjoyable, low dedication way to change up your look since if you get tired of them, they grow out in a pair weeks anyway!

What items do you suggest to keep and also recreate this appearance?

I used R+C o’s Mannequin for separation as well as grit. I love the flyaway aim to the layers. It’s a flexible item, so the appearance adjustments as she touches her hair throughout the day.

What sort of customer would certainly you advise this try to find?

This shorter bob is terrific for somebody that likes to alter her appearance and doesn’t mind styling her hair daily.

7. Naturally Curly Bob

Exactly how would certainly you define this appearance?

This is a very layered, brief tilted bob. This customer has a lot of hair.

Any kind of advice for a person considering it?

I really feel that this curly bob style is actually reasonably low maintenance. It can hold its shape for 2-3 months due to the fact that of the layers as well as angle.

Tilted short bob hairstyles look great on the majority of face-shapes, so it’s more about the smaller sized tweaks of the cut that gives it a specially customized look. Some examples are the undercut or the bangs.

To keep up the form daily, she makes use of DevaCurl Volumizing Foam followed with either a crinkle gel or lotion depending on the period and what her hair needs. During the cozy months, she utilizes DevaCurl Ultra-Gel as well as during the chilly months, she makes use of DevaCurl Supercream. She normally allows it air-dry and occasionally follows up with her diffuser on low for about 5 minutes to give it some additional volume.

8. Short Feathered Bob Crop

Short Feathered Bob Crop

Exactly how would certainly you explain this look?

This feathery bob is a short stacked bob that’s angled. What you might or may not be able to tell is the front has no bangs or face-framing layers. It’s all one length around her face.

My preferred aspect of this short crop is how flexible it is. It can genuinely be altered to fit your face shape, way of life, or individual preference.

Any recommendations for somebody considering it?

If you have any appearance after that it’s mosting likely to take an item and also a minimum of 20 mins of strike round-brushing and drying to get it to lay this smooth.

This brief hair cut likewise looks excellent curly so with the appropriate item, a girl with curly hair might let her hair air dry and it would be actually adorable

9. Piled Swing Bob

Exactly how would you explain this look as well as what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a classy, piled swing bob. I like this style on her due to the fact that it looks stunning ravelled, with soft curls, or with her natural swirls. This cut is flexible and also gives my client an elegant yet sexy design.

What products do you advise to keep and recreate this look?

I utilize Kenra Blow Dry Spray to prep the hair because it includes sparkle, functions as a heat protectant, scents amazing (like the coastline), as well as works flawlessly as a moisture blocker. I also utilize Monat Restore Leave-In Conditioner, Monat Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy, and also Monat Refinish Control Hairspray. The Taffy is what I utilized to smooth flyaways and provide her even more texture/piecey swirls.

What kind of client would certainly you recommend this look for?

I advise this kind of design for any customer that has thick hair as well as a person that may not such as to shampoo often This appearance provides the option to wear it with natural swirls, smooth it as well as volumize the next day, then do soft beachy curls (as in the picture) with their flat iron.

I would not recommend this haircut to those with thin or fine hair because they do not have the thickness to make this stacked look. For fine/thin hair, I would certainly suggest a long bob (Lob) with long layers.

10. Brief to Medium Bob

Brief to Medium Bob

Just how would you define this appearance and also what is your favored aspect of it?

I would certainly explain this look as chic, sophisticated and also enjoyable. People intend to add appearance to their hair because it includes interest to the design, however they additionally wish to seem like they still have a great deal of hair. I like that this style creates a fuller look on any kind of sort of hair while still maintaining flowing layers and activity!

What products do you recommend to recreate this look as well as preserve?

For this hairstyle, I love using Bumble and also Bumble Thickening spray and All Style lotion before coiffure to include quantity. When the hair is completely dry, I do with Oribe Dry Texture spray to provide the hair a tousled, textured, lived-in appearance.

What kind of customer would you suggest this look for?

This style is great for those who have fine hair (but a great deal of it) and have a difficult time obtaining quantity. Because it will give the curls a lot more bounce, this design can use as well as be a clean appearance if you have extremely curly hair. Straight hair is going to require a bit of initiative! I think any kind of face shape and also any kind of age can pull off this appearance. Rounder faces should have the front come listed below their chin, while heart designed and square faces need to have the front right at the chin. The optimal customers for this haircut are those that have a little time in the early morning to style their hair. It is a wonderful look for those in the specialist world that want a design they can have a good time with!

11. Beach Graduated Bob

Beach Graduated Bob

Styled right into beachy waves, this short bob is summer-ready! This is a finished cut, with the hair a little shorter at the back to let the neck breath, and also longer at the front with simply a few strands mounting the face. The balayage makes it an added warm design.

12. Fierce Honey Short Bob

This is one of those short bob hairstyles that are still strong despite being styled to look feathery. The honey-toned balayage is an ideal selection for fall periods. The key to the fierceness is in the strong side component, along with the sharp side of the finished bob.

13. Long-Front Graduated Bob Haircut

If you’re anxious about going very short, this is the style of graduated short bob haircuts you’ll wish to try. This is since while the back is a little shorter, the front is long sufficient to touch the shoulders. The extreme dark brown and also blonde balayage is ideal for any kind of season.


My favorite element of this look is the fact that it is truly reduced upkeep, yet has a bunch of design.

To maintain this look, I advise using Kevin Murphy Body Mass spray all over damp hair. It’s a flexible item, so the look modifications as she touches her hair throughout the day.

I like this style on her since it looks gorgeous smoothed out, with soft curls, or with her natural curls. I love that this design develops a fuller look on any kind of kind of hair while still keeping moving layers and also movement!

14. Copper Balayage Bob Hairstyle

Copper Balayage Bob Hairstyle

Sleeker designs are an all-natural enhance to short bob haircuts, which are usually associated with severity. Nevertheless, a bit of a contour to the locks minimizes that, as do the cozy tones of the copper balayage.

15. Sleek Razored Short Bob

Sleek Razored Short Bob

When you have thick hair, short bobs need to be reduced by a professional stylist to stay clear of problems with the hair obtaining unbelievably abundant. This cut is styled in a smooth method, but a bit of layering with a razor ensures that it’ll still look great even when styled extra messily.

16. Icy Short Bob

Icy Short Bob

A brief bob in icy silver will certainly help you feel extra cool this summer. This sort of cool tone takes a lot of work to achieve, yet it goes over! The bob itself is mainly also in length, but a little bit of layering on the bottom includes dimension to the look.

17. Curly and Black Short Bob Hairstyle

Curly and Black Short Bob Hairstyle

Short bob hairstyles are wonderful also for curly chicks! These rich purple-black locks were permed to perfection after being cut into a piece-y, split bob that looks good with any type of hair type. A couple of hairs over the face add fancifulness in addition to framework.

18. Blonde-Touched Short Bob

Blonde-Touched Short Bob

This short bob hairstyle is easy and practically generally lovely. The mixture of deep browns as well as warm golds in the hair is ideal for autumn, even though the tousled waves feel even more beachy. It’s a wonderful choice if you’re averse to graduated bobs considering that the hair is still dynamic.

19. Razored Icy Graduated Bob

Razored Icy Graduated Bob

Among the most effective means to shake a modern short bob haircut is with really layered, razored ends. The impact is extremely textured, and also looks just as great styled as it does all-natural. This appearance is boosted by balayaged hairs in an icy blonde tone.

20. Piecey Vanilla Bob

Piecey Vanilla Bob

Couple of points are as refreshing as cute short bob haircuts dyed a dynamic vanilla tone! This mixture of trendy and also cozy blonde tones is actually lovely, working well with the textured layers of the bob. Untidy bangs include a wonderful, girlish touch and help mask the temple.

21. Tousled Damp Short Bob

This is a great designing suggestion for short bob haircuts that resemble the paths of the last few periods in a wearable method. Give your hair a dampened appearance with the help of mousse and after that side-part it deeply. The extravagant hair pins add refinement to the appearance.

22. Electric Violet Bob Haircut

Electric Violet Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts pair truly perfectly with vibrant hair colors! The blend of purples and blues in this design is electrifying, while the tousled styling as well as piecey bangs really feel playful as well as enjoyable. Notice that there is still a base of dark brownish at the roots as well as going through the hair, that makes for easy upkeep.

23. Streamlined Asymmetrical Bob

Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is a fantastic take on graduated short bob hairstyles, although it does require that you maintain your hair neat and either blow-dried or straightened out in any way times. It permits you to appreciate the intensity of short bobs on one side while still really feeling feminine with the lengthy side. This auburn variation of it is particularly bring.

24. Fiery Graduated Bob

Fiery Graduated Bob


These tousled waves are a lovely enhance to the intense shade of this graduated brief bob haircut. The blend of magenta, red, and orange tones is a timeless one that provides itself well to low-maintenance designs similar to this one.

25. Bombshell Blonde Bob

Who stated you have to have long hair to be a bombshell? The streamlined swirls and platinum blonde color job make sure that this short bob hairstyle is as attractive as can be. The split method for this bob additionally helps to add appearance as well as volume to the style.

26. Extensive Graduated Bob Haircut

Voluminous Graduated Bob Haircut

Due to every one of the volume in the back, this finished bob hairstyle appearances very remarkable. It emits some serious Victoria Beckham vibes but with a more recent, bumpy touch. This is the type of design that aids you really feel light regardless of still having long strands around the face.

27 . Silver and also Blonde Textured Short Bob

The interaction of ash blonde and also silver tones in this cut is simply unique sufficient to stick out while still being appropriate for any kind of event. It functions well with the refined and textured finished short bob.

28. Teal Graduated Short Bob

Teal Graduated Short Bob

In any other shade this would certainly be a traditional “may I talk with your supervisor” haircut, yet in teal, this piecey finished bob is fresh and young. The hair at the front drops just listed below the chin, which is a lovely option for anybody trying short bobs.

29. Dreamy Mauve Bob Hairstyle

Purple, brown, and also peach hair tones come together perfectly in this balayage, including a lot more quantity to this currently lavish short bob hairstyle. It’s a refined finished bob that is very piecey near the front, with lots of face-framing hairs.

30 Swept-Back Short Bob with Side Braid

This photo proves that short bob haircuts can be styled in all type of intriguing methods. This edgy styling choice features a limited Dutch braid along the side, mimicking a shaved side, while the rest is brushed up back sleekly, which looks super tough.

31. Messy Blonde Bob with Lowlights

The short bob hairstyles these days are not what they were yesterday. The trendy blonde is no longer one, strong tone, it’s changed into a light ash blonde shade with lowlights. Appropriately, a bob is no more simply a bob, it is a messy, finished bob with air within the strands, as well as it looks rather remarkable!

32. Tousled Blonde Bob

Tousled Blonde Bob

Keeping the ends of your cut unequal with much shorter blunt sides as well as longer uneven hairs produces a cool cut loaded with character. An excellent method to style it is in a laidback, tousled ‘do. Attain by steering clear of from heat devices, while staying real to natural hair structure as well as utilizing bedhead styling sprays.

33. Rounded Bob with Straight Across Nape

The well-blended highlights and also efficiently textured locks provide a neat shape to this rounded bob. Somewhat tapered layers indicate the straight cut neck and also develop the normal bobbed volume and quantity the cut is understood for.

34. Short Wispy White Blonde Bob

Short Wispy White Blonde Bob

Lengthy peek-a-boo bangs as well as flyaways are the trademarks of short bob hairstyles going for a city and contemporary edge. The wispy white-blonde hair is a bit poofy on the top, and the side pieces are razored and also slightly longer around the jawline.

35. Inverted Razored Bob for Straight Hair

An inverted bob is an excellent design for a lady looking for to develop a lovely as well as new shape for her thick, straight hair. The piled back and the tousled leading look great with a side component, and also the dark origins underneath the caramel-chocolate shade include in the depth and volume of the style.

36. Inverted Gray Balayage Bob with Overlapping Layers

Inverted Gray Balayage Bob with Overlapping Layers

Look no additionally than an upside down design with overlapping layers when you are seeking a stylish and classy bob. With an undercut for the neck area you may make the angle even more severe. The bright and gray silver-toned balayage includes an added flair that keeps the hairstyle contemporary and also vibrant.

37.Piece-y Rose Gold Bob

The best way to flaunt the metal rose-gold bob is to cut it right into brief rough layers throughout. The additional elevation in the crown and also the equally layered ends add a womanly touch. The piece-y, distinctive locks and the tapered form help to finish the sophisticated shape of this one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

28. Brief Concave Bob

Timeless brief bobs look terrific on many ladies as well as are a superb method to bring added fullness as well as body to great hair that tends to lack quantity. The equally reduced ends are perfectly straightened, as well as a couple of distinctive locks include a lot more to the flouncy roundness.

39. Short Beachy Angled Bob

Short Beachy Angled Bob

This platinum blonde hair with dark roots is smoothly styled with soft beach waves changing a casual tilted bob right into an outright production of hot summer beauty. It looks so appealing, it’s nearly like she was born with it. Nearly.

40. Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

Bob haircuts for women let us explore shades and appearances, while our hair is short, but not awkward-short; it’s nice-looking as well as stylish! Set wine red as well as sugar, golden blonde as well as silver, or whatever striking mix involves your mind; with shorter hair it’s much easier to manage bolder colors and also the possible damage is not so substantial.

41. Spherical Jaw-Length Honey Blonde Bob

A deep side get rid of long peek-a-boo bangs is the latest means to use a jaw-length bob. The honey blonde hair is pressed gently ahead, developing face framing that is lovely and also slendering. Slender flyaways and chunky conical ends complete the feminine hairstyle

42. Rounded Brunette Bob with Voluminous Layers

Bobs are magnificent for women of every ages since they produce an elegant yet vibrant aesthetic. Specifically striking in much deeper, dark shades, you can never ever go wrong with a uni-length strong tinted hairdo. Layers help to raise origins as well as include tons of quantity.

43. Sexy Feathered Blonde Bob

Feathering is the wisest strategy for great hair. Razor cutting techniques for bob styles blend suggestions of hairs with each other while including essential structure as well as volume. The concave, swoopy styling enhances this haircut best.

44. Short Blonde Bob Blowout

Short Blonde Bob Blowout

A bob blowout can do wonders for ladies with fine hair that has a tendency to lie level. The virtually white highlights give the hairstyle a summer time, windblown appearance.

45. Cropped Bob with Bangs and also Shaggy Layers

Cropped Bob with Bangs and Shaggy Layers

The stylish rosewood chopped bob with bangs exudes 1920s vibes, yet looks contemporary thanks to its shade and appearance. The auburn color with pastel pink highlights is dynamic as well as urban, and the shaggy layers accent the cheekbones. Fun and flirty at its ideal!

46. Brief Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

Short bob haircuts look excellent whether split in the middle or on the side. Barbra Streisand made the classic “Helmut Bob” popular back in the 1960s.

47. Glossy Brown Inverted Bob

Medium brownish is an underrated hair shade. Undertones of this color are neither warm neither ashy, however a middle ground. It’s fairly natural, so your short bob cut will certainly look specifically healthy and thick when topped off with sparkle spray.

48. Conical Inverted Bob with Gray Babylights

Tapered Inverted Bob with Gray Babylights

The grey babylights of the sliced bob provide an air of sophistication to a typical brief bob haircut. The lengthy wispy bangs frame the face perfectly, and the slightly teased crown includes elevation and also volume.

49. Jaw-Length Stacked Bronde Bob

Jaw-Length Stacked Bronde Bob

The poofy round shape looks so best on thick, straight hair. It’s a fashionable haircut that never ever goes out of style. Also ladies that don’t such as posturing for pictures will proudly show off the trendy piled layers in the back and honey bronde highlights throughout.

50. Perfect Inverted Bob with Thin Highlights

Perfect Inverted Bob with Thin Highlights

Thin two-tone highlights are a fragile approach to enhance any inverted short bob hairstyle. A sleek straight design is optimal if you want to dye and also offer this cut job in the most effective light, as it presents expert piling and outlined coloring flawlessly.

51. Girly Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob

Girly Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob

If you’re opting for a two-tone ‘do, delicious chocolate and also blonde make a wonderful set. Loose waves are really satisfying for dimensional coloring. To amp up the dramatization variable, part your cut away.

52. Short Bob Shag with Bangs

Short Bob Shag with Bangs

A straight as well as straggly fucked is an additional imaginative method to design brief bob hair. The slender bangs and also cluttered layers mount the face wonderfully, and the gold blonde balayage improves your natural skin tones. The shaggy bob oozes flashy as well as younger vibes.

53. Dimensional Bob with Feathered Layers

Dimensional Bob with Feathered Layers

Thanks to creative cuts and dye work, modern short bobs never ever look too simple or monotonous. With chunky V-cut layers, as an example, you can achieve a declaration two-tiered look that will certainly turn several heads.

54. Short Razored Rounded Bob

Short Razored Rounded Bob


Razor cutting has a distinctive appearance that fuzzes ends of naturally straight hair. By doing this instead of opting for regular reducing shears, ample texture is added. Rounded bobs are a classic option, fitting any type of and every wardrobe.

55. Brief Feathered Bob with Neatly Trimmed Nape

Short Feathered Bob with Neatly Trimmed Nape

The feathered layers of this additional brief bob give the trim, cool haircut some vibrant, girlish appeal. It’s a style that looks fantastic as you are expanding out your hair from a pixie cut. The squared-off nape catches the eye, as well as the overall form of the cut is simple to maintain with a basic rounded brush.

56. Cropped Choppy Brunette Bob

Cropped Choppy Brunette Bob

If you want a haircut that’s very easy to design and keep, it’s always best to use your natural properties. Curly hair can be cut right into unpleasant locks that frame the face and also highlight the cheekbones as well as chin. The straggly top and also distinctive sides include additional quantity and uncomplicated feeling to the modern-day clean and also wear hairstyle.

57. Undercut for Blonde Bob

Undercut for Blonde Bob

Save Only the savviest stylists have the precision to grasp an undercut bob. An undercut adjusts the hair to drop naturally into a put under design. This technique is beautifully shown on straight blonde hair that can often be challenging to keep in any type of design BUT directly.

58. Jaw-Length Textured Bronde Bob

Jaw-Length Textured Bronde Bob

If you’re on the hunt for extremely short bob hairstyles that function exceptionally well on penalty, stick-straight hair, look no more. This traditional, jaw-length bronde bob has all the complementary appearance you could request. A deep side component, wispy layers, and also uniformly cut ends draw out the most effective of your facial attributes.

59. Short Rounded Feathered Bob

Short Rounded Feathered Bob

A mature woman who’s not exactly sure exactly how to style her extra-short hair must consider the rounded, feathery jaw-length bob with exact edges. The warm blonde balayage looks healthy and balanced as well as natural, as well as the tousled layers offer it a casual allure.

60. Uneven Caramel Blonde Bob

Choppy Caramel Blonde Bob

An uneven bob with lots of blonde highlights over dark origins is a timeless means to wear your brief, wavy hair. It’s sporty, athletic, and also youthful, as well as it works incredibly well with thick, unruly hair. Part it on the side or between, depending upon which facial functions you want to stress.

61. Ruined Black Bob with Purple Highlights

The smashed short bob makes an impactful statement when it combines razored ends and a poofy crown section. Add subtle purple highlights to the shiny thick hair to develop a remarkable trademark hairstyle.

62. Neat Layered Caramel Blonde Bob

A deep side component and feathery layers collaborate to create a rounded bob that flatters most face forms. The ginger-blonde balayage offers a brand-new twist to a common blonde shade, adding a bright splash of shade to the smooth sliced layers. The stacked back as well as slender appearances offer a soft, lighthearted panache.

63. Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

Here’s a flawlessly angled bob softened by a rounded back as well as refined balayage. The extra highlights in the front area aid frame the face and also brighten the dishwater blonde base. If you like natural-looking hairstyles with a modern-day spin, consider this upgrade.

64.One-Length Rounded Blonde Bob

The piled short bob cut is a classic design that looks fabulous on a lot of ladies: fine or thick hair, a side part or a facility part, any type of shade from light blonde to jet black. Certainly, it functions splendidly for thick hair.

65. Shaggy Chestnut Brown Bob for Straight Hair

Are you the type of girl that images herself wearing a center-parted straight bob? In case you like geometric appearances, we would love to recommend the style that’s versatile as well as can be put on either level or tousled and also cosy. The dark brownish base color has a red tint that will certainly look as a brighter chestnut shade in the sun.

66. Chopped Wavy Brunette Bob with Textured Layers

Cropped Wavy Brunette Bob with Textured Layers

We simply love the incredibly short piled layers at the rear of this almost-black cropped bob. Scraggly waves waterfall around the face and thick side pieces are meticulously put behind the ears. The trendy coiffure has a bit of height as well as lots of motion.

67. Brief Choppy Dark Brown Bob

Extremely short bob hairstyles with a little height in the back work superbly to extend the neck. Soft waves can be accomplished with big rollers, providing the texture and body that additionally aid to raise and offer an extra extensive form to the hairstyle. Tuck a chunk of hair behind one ear and leave the other side loosened to mount your confront with chin-length bangs.

68. Shaggy Piece-y Caramel Brown Bob

Shaggy Piece-y Caramel Brown Bob

To style a bob hair cut rapidly and also conveniently, try out a wash-and-wear shaggy ‘do that’s super-easy to maintain. A bright caramel tinted balayage over dark brownish hair triggers this fashionable, urban style.

69. Messy Blonde Bob with Thin Choppy Layers

There’s so much convenience basically bob haircuts; if you’re not into uni-length bobs or lobs, carry out many brief, rough layers throughout. Not just do they bring a lot of activity yet they additionally include body to finer hair.

70. Stylish Rounded Brown Balayage Bob

Chic Rounded Brown Balayage Bob

A short bob that is reduced all-one-length is stylish as well as specialist while still retaining ultra-feminine style and pizazz. The smooth redhead haircut has an off-center part, and works finest with hair that is fine, but can hold a mild crinkle.

A straggly as well as straight shag is an additional imaginative means to style short bob hair. The feathery layers of this added short bob provide the trim, neat haircut some younger, girlish appeal. If you’re on the hunt for really short bob hairstyles that function exceptionally well on penalty, stick-straight hair, look no further. A choppy bob with lots of blonde highlights over dark origins is a traditional way to wear your brief, wavy hair. We just love the very brief stacked layers at the back of this almost-black cropped bob.


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