50 Elegant Prom Hairstyles To Try In 2020


As prom hairstyles period approaches we understand what you are considering. What kind of dress you’re going to purchase along with just how you are going to do your makeup. As well as it’s not nearly the day you are going to bring to the prom; it’s additionally about the hair. As a matter of fact, the hairstyle that you select for your evening is rather a big deal due to the fact that it will certainly showcase your dress as well as makeup also. It’s a set. It’s an exciting time for you and also we know exactly how you are feeling. You desire everything to be perfect and you wish to look excellent for your special evening. Women assume and also consume about prom due to the fact that it suggests a lot to them. You intend to have an unique night and having your hair done is all part of that experience. There are so numerous choices for just how you can do your hair that it can make it hard for you to determined what to do.

You can wear your hair down or up or also a partial updo. There are so numerous various designs that you can choose from to create the ideal appearance. Produce the ideal look can be time-consuming yet we can at least help you make a choice.

We have to say that straight hair is really rare when it comes to prom styles. Curls are always prominent when it comes to picking a design for prom. There is just something about curls that can ideal a prom hairstyle.

You ought to bring in a couple of different options as well so that the stylist can see exactly what you are looking for. The last thing you want is to get your hair done on the day of prom and also recognize that you do not like it or that it’s not what you want. That can take place at times if you are trying out a look that you have never had prior to.

Currently is your chance to look into several styles for your large evening. Take a look at these 69 Amazing Prom Hairstyles That Will Rock Your World:

1) Statement Headband

prom hairstyle

Considering that she skipped out on a necklace, Beanie used a knotted headband to balance out her look. Pop a satin version in addition to your usual night out curls to make the ‘do really feel extravagant. A little shine spray will certainly provide it that best shiny appearance.

2) ’90s Tendrils

prom hairstyle

The standard, facility part/hair tendrils combo can often be hard to pull off. This off-centered version is way much more wearable, however still looks fully ’90s.

3) Ponytail for Days

The DRAMA of it all! Pile on the inches just for the night to attain a level of added that’s just ideal for red carpet events and also prom.

4) Elegant Knot

prom hairstyle

Billie’s knot is as glam as it gets. Even if you’re going-low trick, a sophisticated chignon hairdo will certainly inflate your appearance. Add in some embellished clips, because– well, due to the fact that everything needs more sparkle on prom evening.

5) Stacked Knot

prom hairstyle

Monotonous ballerina knots are beginning to feel weary. Change the straightforward do by wrapping a huge lock of hair around the base for added elevation. Dress up your knob with cute hair sticker labels to finish.

6) Perfect Loose Bun

prom hairstyle

Just how to obtain the appearance:

Step 1: Pull your hair into a loosened braid, as well as safeguard it with an elastic at your crown (Scunci’s No-Damage Hair Ties are my preferred). Spin as well as wrap your hair right into a messy bun, after that loophole the ends with the elastic.

Action 2: Run your fingers with the front of your hair to loosen it from the elastic as well as develop texture. Slide your * sparkliest * headband into area 2 inches from your hairline.

Action 3: Slide a 2nd shimmery headband 3 inches behind the very first one, allowing hair to bump up between the bands. Slay.

7) Teased Half-Up

prom hairstyle

Just how to get the appearance:

Action 1: Tease the leading section of your hair (from your ears upwards) with a teasing comb.

Step 2: Brush your bangs back as well as secure the leading area at the rear of your head with a pin or sparkly clip.

Action 3: Use a 1″ crinkling iron to crinkle the bottom area, after that tease for included structure.

8) Fairy Princess Florals

Exactly how to get the appearance:

Action 1: Wiggle a flat iron with 2-inch sections of hair to produce soft waves.

Action 2: Braid back your bangs starting just over your left ear and proceed the whole size of your hair.

Action 3: Poke in some pretty blossoms for an angelic feel that doesn’t shout “songs celebration.”

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9) Gatsby Waves

prom hairstyle

Just how to obtain the appearance:

Action 1: Use a 1-inch curling stick to firmly curl your hair.

Action 2: Mist with hairspray and somewhat tease below the chin for volume.

Step 3: Top your design with a small tiara worthwhile of a princess.

10) Stacked Buns

prom hairstyle

Exactly how to get the look:

Step 1: Rub crinkling cream right into towel-dried hair as well as allow to air-dry for natural structure.

Action 2: Pull the top section of your hair into three separate braids concerning 1.5 inches apart.

Action 3: Twist each horse right into a snugly curled bun as well as secure with an additional flexible.

11) Faux Wet Hair

prom hairstyle

How to get the appearance:

Step 1: Part your hair on the side, after that correct it with a level iron.

Step 2: Cover your hair root-to-tip in pomade (NOT gel)– make sure each strand is absolutely covered in item.

Action 3: Use your hands to glossy down flyaways.

12) Cornrow Braids


Just how to obtain the appearance:

Step 1: Part your hair on your left side. Begin French intertwining to the right of the component throughout your hairline, pulling in pieces from underneath the pigtail for an inside-out look.

Action 2: Braid to behind your ear, after that gather the remainder of your hair in a low, textured horse.

13) Disco Buns

prom hairstyle

Exactly how to get the appearance:

Step 1: Part your hair down the middle (perk factors if you attempt the newly revived zigzag component), after that turn each side into a mini bun.

Action 2: Mix your preferred glitter flakes with clear hair gel.

Action 3: Apply your unicorn mixture to your roots making use of a color brush.

14) Sparkly Pins

prom hairstyle

How to get the appearance:

Step 1: Run a flat-iron gradually over 2-inch sections of hair to produce a super-sleek pin-straight appearance

Action 2: Make a deep component on one side. Spritz hair with a versatile hairspray to create a nonslip base for the pins.

Action 3: Place the pins on the side contrary your part, starting 2 inches from the facility of your head as well as ending right over your ear. Alternate little as well as huge pins for maximum effect. Cover your clips with one hand, after that spray your hair with hairspray for added hold.

15) Braid-Hawk

prom hairstyle

Exactly how to obtain the look:

Action 1: Pull your hair back right into a high horse, after that braid it. Pro pointer: if you’re trying to find extra volume, clip some expansions into your ‘do.

Action 2: At the neck of your neck, flip the ends of the braid under as well as secure with pins.

Step 3: Pin along the sides of the braid to fasten it snugly to your head. Top with sufficient amounts of hairspray.

16) Curls Galore

prom hairstyle

This gorgeous style is one for the books for sure. This is a partial updo that is loaded with swirls that go on for days. Add a bit of component to it to make it pop. You can make a normal hairdo actually fantastic just by including accessories. Whether it’s gems or blossoms, find something that suits your dress as well as your style.

17) Pretty Flower

prom hairstyle

This design is a little extra informal. If you’re not looking for something that is actually official after that this is the style for you. It’s a partial updo that has actually the back designed into a blossom. It’s an unique design that will undoubtedly draw some focus. It adds creative thinking to your appearance that would not exist in a typical updo.

18) Large Fishtail

prom hairstyle

It is stunning though and also we like how enchanting of a style it is. If you want a style with a lot of body to it, you can include expansions for the day so that you have a lot more hair to function with.

19) Great Designs

prom hairstyle

Another great example of a flower design in a partial updo. It’s something that can add something various to your appearance. It can really make your whole appearance stand out from the remainder.

20) A Stunning Updo

prom hairstyle


This style appears like a high braid other than it’s all simply pinned approximately the top. The loose layers just cascade the back. There are lots of swirls; it’s a gorgeous style. The crow in the front is likewise a great touch. It can make a big difference to your style to include simply a little bling

21) Crowning Glory

One design is limited as well as classic, a really sophisticated design. There is a lot extra quantity to it and also there looks like there is more hair to it, even though there may not be. The other design is just more brightened.

22) Cascading Designs

prom hairstyles

A stunning style that will look stunning with a formal dress. , if you want something classy than this is the design for you.

23) An Elegant Bun

prom hairstyles

After that this is the style for you, if you are looking for beauty as well as grace. You get a smooth braid with a fantastic looking bun. It’s an incredible hairstyle.

24) The High Pony

prom hairstyles

After that why not try a high braid, if you want something a little a lot more sleek. The look is soft as well as loosened and extremely stylish.

25) Wavy Styles

prom hairstyles

This wavy hairstyle is rather simple to attain yet it’s a really beautiful layout. We love the waves as well as the appealing hair accessory.

26) Curls for Days

prom hairstyles

If you are trying to find an attractive hairstyle after that you discovered it with this one. It’s alright to leave your hair down for prom and this is a lovely style to select. It is full of swirls and it’s just beautiful.

27) Braided Crown

prom hairstyles

There is even more hair brought up than it is down in this hairdo. We enjoy the braids that crown the head.

28) Braided Love


Braids are constantly a preferred option due to the fact that they produce that romantic ambiance. What is even more charming than the prom. These updos are somewhat various however both very gorgeous.

29) A Bow Design

If you desire something pleasant for your prom after that why not experiment with a bow designed right in your hair.

30) Soft and Flowy

prom hairstyles

This is a stunning updo as well as we enjoy exactly how loosened and streaming it is. There are pieces throughout that remain loose as well as we just enjoy it. After that attempt this style, if you wnat to knock the socks off your date.

31) Flowing Curls

prom hairstyles

An additional instance of a partial updo and also this one has plenty of swirls. These are stunning styles that you can make even more attractive by adding some devices.

32) Tons Of Volume

prom hairstyles

A great style that has a ton of volume. We have a loose braid as well as tons of loose swirls in this partial updo.

33) A Curly Bun

prom hairstyles

A great updo that has some braids as well as a stunning bun. If an updo is what you desired after that you can not fail with this style.

34) Braided Flowers

Due to the fact that of its elegance, we simply enjoy this style. The fishtail braids on the sides integrate to create a stunning blossom in the back.

35) The High Top

This is a very glamorous updo that would be ideal if you had a gown or an over the leading gown. There is a lot volume to it and also we like it.

36) Simple Styles

prom hairstyles

You do not require an extravagant style in order to develop something lovely. This set is spectacular and it’s simply composed of braids.

37) The High Bun

prom hairstyles

You are going to require a lot of hair to develop this extremely high bun. There is a great deal of thickness to this design. , if you have slim hair it’s unlikley that you will certainly be able to recreate this style.

38) Stunning Styles

This coincides style just in different phases. They are both amazing selections if you want a full updo or a partial updo. It’s a messy style that will certainly look fantastic with any kind of design of gown that you select. It’s always a great suggestion to check out your design before you go to the salon on the day of prom to ensure that you like a particular design.

39) Long Lengths

This sensational partial updo is glossy and also curly. She has very long hair as well as it’s gorgeous with the swirls.

40) Bouncy Curls

She has some rather incredible curls to this style. They are huge as well as bouncy! It’s a stunning partial updo that would look outstanding for prom.

41) Stunning Updo

prom hairstyles

We love this updo as a result of all the swirls. It is pulled up below and the rest is intertwined. The device is absolutely the final item of the stunning challenge.

42) Jewel Designs

This is a basic design, a basic wave to the entire appearance. The jeweled device looks excellent with this design. A straightforward device will certainly make the whole look pop.

43) Crowned Braids

prom hairstyles

A crown magnificence that makes a simple hairdo truly stand out. We love the design and also it’s an unique one so try it out.

44) Beautiful and vibrant

This is a design that uis certain ot draw the eye. It’s classy and glamourous all rolled into one. There are a great deal of volume to the above remedy of the hair.

45) Front Crown

prom hairstyles

The magnificent braid trails to the back and there is a bun created there. We like this design it’s breathtaking. It once more will certainly additionally require a lot of hair.

46) French Side Braid with Voluminous Curls

prom hairstyles

Another excellent option when it involves attractive, appealing side-swept designs! This charming girl begins her appearance with a lovely french pigtail, among which draws bangs back away from the face to allow her eyes shine brilliant. Her extensive waves call for a large-barreled curling iron/wand to accomplish that full, luxurious coating.

47) Chain Braid Chignon

prom hairstyles

Love the vintage look? We all understand how preferred chignons are when it comes to elegant celebrations, yet you can shake it up a little bit by throwing in an eccentric chain braid for included originality as well as dimension.

48) Rolled Half Updo with Curls

prom hairstyles

Make your half updo stick out from the group with a look like this one! A simple roll of the hair around the neck of the neck offers this look some delightful volume, distinguishing the straight top items from the luxuriously curled lower half.

49) Retro Pinned Back Ringlets

Well those old-fashioned hairstyle still exude with sophistication in 2016, and we’re in love with this captivating design. Douse it in hairspray as well as pin your bangs back to showcase your face attributes.

50) Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls

The wonderful, innocent charm of this hairstyle is frustrating; in a good way, certainly. A falls braid presents a little strange elegance while accentuating loosened swirls create a style that’s bouncing with sophistication. Great option for medium-length hair cuts.

51) Curly, Voluminous Low Bun

prom hairstyles

Buns are normally the best design when you’re short on time and also need something very easy as well as quick, yet they can easily be intensified and also improved to accompany you to the fanciest of celebrations. Take this extensive reduced bun as an example- lots of charming, exact swirls and loads of texturizing brings this reduced bun to an extravagant ending with lots of stylish body. Leave a couple of strands loose around the face to soften the style better.

52) Double Waterfall Braids with Loosely Curled Ends

prom hairstyle

Long locks are the excellent pallet for forming stunning, loosened swirls that catch utmost sensuality. To make these loose curls stand out also additionally, try out some dual falls braid which provide not only deepness, yet an extra dose of femininity.

53) Fishtail Low Bun with Curls

Turn your fishtail braid from a day-to-day school day style to a spectacular masterpiece with this beautiful hairstyle for prom. The fishtail wraps around from the top of the face to the back of the crown, causing a texturized low bun that’s loaded with quantity as well as bounce. A few refined curls add to the feminineness of this exceptionally alluring prom hairdo.

Dual Braided Romantic Half Updo

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