19 Best Mexican Haircuts for Men



Mexican men’s hairstyles are all regarding taking classic cuts like the Caesar or edge and also adding unique panache. Like many guys’s hair fads from Latin America, Mexican hairstyles are mainly suited to short or medium-length hair.


1) Textured Brush Back Taper Fade

The distinctive brush back taper fade is a combination of various designs to achieve a stylish yet modern Mexican taper discolor. This haircut looks good as well as gets back at far better when incorporated with an appropriately kept beard.

2) Side Part Skin Fade


The Side Part Skin Fade is also an extremely common Mexican fade haircut. It’s rather simple, looks fantastic on just about anyone, and also is suitable for guys with ink (tattoos) on parts of their scalp.

3) Spikey Faux Hawk


The Faux Hawk is understood to be a fashionable haircut. When you incorporate it with an appropriate mid fade as well as spikes on the top hair, it makes for a fashionable as well as fantastic hairstyle.

4) Mid Skin Shadow Fade


The Mid Skin Shadow Fade is as hot as it sounds. It is among the best Hispanic haircuts since it looks terrific and the reality that Mexican hair is commonly curly and also smooth methods that you will not have a difficult time attaining this hairdo.

5) Spiky Hair High Fades


Common among the children, a Spiky Hair High Fade gives you a sharp, solid, as well as manly appearance that will certainly leave an enduring impact on almost any individual you meet.

6) Low Fade Curly Hair Fringe


Low Fade Curly Hair Fringes are incredible Mexican hairstyles male that are trending nowadays. Which’s since they not just look wonderful however also function easily with the “generally curly” Mexican hair to create trendy and amazing appearances.

7) Faded Comb Over Side Part

The Faded Comb Over Side Part is a combination of three hairstyles; fades, Comb overs, and also side parts. The outcome is a haircut that includes some panache to the standard comb-over or side part to develop a stylish and elegant hairdo for any type of stylish Latino Man today.

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8) High Fade Shape Up Quiff


When describing a Quiff, elegance is the finest word to utilize. When you incorporate this renowned hairdo with a high fade form up, the outcome is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind, and modern-day haircut.

9) Low Fade Blowout


The Low Fade Blowout is yet an additional among the most common Hispanic haircuts today. It is ideal for discolor fans that have curly hair. That does not rule out men with straight hair; it can still function for them.

10) Messy Hair with Low Bald Fade


Despite not being a conventional Mexican hairdo, a low fade with messy hair is a statement by itself. This hairstyle is optimal for today’s modern, carefree, and also imaginative Mexican gent.

11) Long Wavy Hairstyle


Hair with an ’80s vibe is returning around the world, and also Mexico is no exception. The lengthy, curly hairstyle– likewise called feathered hair– is just one of the best-known males’s appearances from the famous years and it suits thick, dark Latino hair best. Actor Diego Luna has actually been a fan of the design. It entails cutting layers into the hair, center-parting, after that cleaning the layers back for a fashionable and laidback outcome. Women are attracted to the free-spirited and artistic ambiance of this hairdo. It is specifically complementary on men with lengthy as well as angular faces.

12) Slick Back Pompadour


The pompadour is just one of the most famous hairstyles for men and also incorporating it with a slick back takes it to the following level. It’s an excellent selection if you have a round face, as the volume as well as elevation of a pompadour makes your face seem longer and also slimmer. And also, the wet appearance of a glossy back adds gloss and retro mindset to the pompadour. Get the look by applying mousse to the leading section of your hair and blowdrying upwards to give it maximum volume. Comb through a shiny pomade or gel, front to back, to create a wet look.

13) Textured Quiff

A textured quiff is a great option if your hair is naturally thick, as it will add movement and dimension to stop your hair looking like one solid mass. Use a matte product like clay on dry hair to create a textured effect– it should look casual, rather than overly styled.

14) Choppy Asymmetric Fringe


Best matched to men with angular functions and a sharp jawline, a rough asymmetric edge hairstyle includes an edgy as well as vibrant look. Plus, the distinctive, unequal components of the cut make it attract attention from the crowd and attract attention. For the Mexican variation of this hairstyle, set it with tapered sides to provide a refined undercut result and make your hair look thicker. To make the style extra unique, attempt coloring the front areas different colors and also tones.

15) Low Fade + Hard Part + Slick Back


Preferred by football star Cristiano Ronaldo, the reduced fade coupled with a tough component and slick back is a sharp try to find people that mean business. It incorporates the streamlined, traditional vibe of a glossy back with modern-day elements: the fade as well as hard component. Clean yet trendy, it suits males of any kind of age and also functions specifically well with groomed facial hair, such as a goatee and also mustache.

16) Wet Hairstyle


Plus, they are some of the easiest hairstyles to create at home when you have short hair. You can use many different products to achieve a wet look, but gel and pomade combed through from front to back will ensure you never have a hair out of place.

17) Pompadour + Low Fade


For more youthful guys looking for a modern take on the slick back pomp, a pompadour with a reduced fade is the excellent choice. It gives you all the benefits of the pompadour while including an edgy as well as fresh aspect with the fade. The pompadour with low fade will attract attention and balance out your facial features because it’s still a high-volume hairstyle. Nevertheless, it won’t take as lengthy to style since the sides are faded. It’s also a slightly much more casual appearance while still being polished, so it looks as excellent in the gym as it does on an evening out.

  1. Side Part

Side part hairstyles suit almost every face shape, from rectangle to oval, square, and round. You can customize your side-parted look depending on the finish you want. For a more polished and professional old-school look, many Mexican guys opt for a slick combed-over side part.

18) Fringe


The fringe is a versatile and popular hairstyle for men. A short, neat fringe is a great option as it hides a receding hairline and suits most guys– especially those with round or triangular-shaped faces. A fringe cut paired with a taper is a popular Mexican style as it suits thick, straight hair.

19) Spiky Hair


Spiky hair is a very popular men’s hairstyle as they suit any hair type and make hair look thicker and healthier. For an on-trend finish, pair your spikes with a fade.

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