20 Stunning Homecoming Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths


With homecoming hairstyles being much less formal, you can afford simpler hairstyles, yet they must absolutely be special to match your attire and accessories. Keeping your requirements in mind, we’ve chosen 40 images with flexible hairdos of the most currently requested kinds: elegant updos and effortless down dos, worthwhile concepts for brief hair, and whatever with changes on the present fads.

What to Wear to Homecoming?

A typical trouble is exactly how to dress and also design your hair so that you look neither also casual neither excessively elegant. Being much less official than prom, homecoming recommends that you shake something trendy and also charming that makes you look unobtrusively fashionable and also instead spontaneous than well-prepared as well as specifically extravagant. What hairstyle to wear to homecoming?

Normally, these coincide variants on updos, down dos, half up half down dos as well as cost-free moving styles you ‘d put on to a prom however in their even more laid-back interpretations. To be much more details, right here are the suggestions:

  1. Unpleasant updos. Complex, whimsical, loose as well as done without a comb, such updos appear completely spontaneous as well as really appealing!
  2. Side hairstyles. Combined with crooked tops or dress, side hairdos aid you to develop an extremely fashionable photo that is actually hard to avert.

Pigtails. Being rocked everywhere, consisting of the red rug, pigtails are no longer a commonplace hairstyle of schoolgirls.

These are a pattern of the year, besides, there are several suggestions of posh ageless hairstyles you can develop on the basis of a braid. Even if you choose to keep it basic, make a braid with a light bouffant, and you’ll instantaneously win all the possible design points.

Trendy Ideas of Homecoming Hairstyles

Side Braid with Delicate Curls

Amazingly brilliant blonde locks are accompanied by some stunning relaxed curls with a fragile, charming feeling. To stay clear of any loosened hairs she gets her lengthy front bangs as well as tosses them back right into a gorgeous pigtail that leads down the top side of her head to finish her beautiful medium length homecoming hairdo.

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1) Waterfall Braid with Loose Curls

Homecoming Hairstyles

An excellent choice for the women with prolonged hairs, this homecoming hairdo is simply gorgeous. Stylish yet delicate fall braids lead back to passionately crinkled locks to produce an exotic and very royal appearance that enhances a homecoming dress perfectly.

2) Side Braid with Voluminous Curls

Homecoming Hairstyles

There is undoubtedly a lovely mix of structures as well as designs in this perfect homecoming hairdo! Starting at her different hair shades, her light ends and also dark origins are given birth to in a beautiful style: by use of tousled, voluminous swirls on completions and also a looser, loosened up huddle top. She pulls hair far from the face utilizing a braid descending down the side, connecting loosened hairs as well as bringing the look together magnificently.


3) Braided Updo

Homecoming Hairstyles

For the females who favor a stylish updo hairdo, this is an excellent option. There’s nothing fairly as feminine as braids, as well as this stunning collection of braids offered a low updo is a wonderful way to display your course at homecoming. Leave a few strands loosened around the face and curl them gently for a dash of daintiness.


4) Wrap Around Braid and Loose Curls

Homecoming Hairstyles

An additional excellent choice for the girls with prolonged locks, this homecoming hairdo features a set of dual twist around pigtails with loosened curls for a glamorous, innovative style that’s exuding with femininity.


4) Twisted Side Updo

Homecoming Hairstyles

There’s something sophisticated and also so stately about an updo that’s tossed sideways, making this a terrific option for homecoming! Twists and turns bring this style to life, working together perfectly in a slightly loosened side bun and a little bit of quantity up top to produce an elegant and also actually impressive design.


5) Contrasting Updo– Short Updo Hairstyles

Contrasting Updo-- Short Updo Hairstyles

There is a LOT going on in this updo; yet that does not mean it’s not wonderful! It might take a little bit even more job to produce this style, however, simply visualize this look with your homecoming gown! The sides are twisted back right into a flawless updo, while the hair ahead is cluttered into an appearance that can virtually be referred to as the fanciest, most charming mohawk we’ve ever seen. Love it!


6) Bow and Fishtail Braid

Homecoming Hairstyles

You’ll be dressed in one of the most gorgeous items of clothing you’ll ever before possess on homecoming, so why not add to the femininity with an adorable little bow right in your hair? This charming bow leads to a spectacular fishtail braid, an excellent option for gals with longer hair. It’s a rather basic ‘do, but it looks fantastic.


7) Pinned Back Full Curls with Short Hair

Pinned Back Full Curls with Short Hair

Swirls are just merely delicious, and one of the most convenient means to include a feeling of femininity as well as beauty to your style. These complete swirls are perfect and we like the basic, yet sophisticated, pinned back bangs to finish the appearance.


8) Multi-Size Braid and Loose Curls

Homecoming Hairstyles

There’s something so amorous regarding this hairstyle; it practically has a medieval charm we definitely love. She adds a touch of volume up leading, followed by a set of two wrap around braids– one micro-sized and one added largely sized- leading down to some classy, very loosened swirls. Love it!


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9) Side Braid Loose Voluminous Curls

Homecoming Hairstyles

Beginning at the front, she orders her bangs as well as draws them back into an attractive side braid that opens up her face, leading back to some tantalizing and wonderfully loose abundant swirls. Absolutely one for the female that loves all points glamour and prestige!


10) Double Wrap Around Curls with Voluminous Ringlets

Homecoming Hairstyles

We’re enjoying the double wrap around swirls, developing a lovely, virtually princess-like really feel that’s impressed up with some large curls. The best homecoming ‘do!


11) Princess Chignon– Loose Braid with Bun Updos

Homecoming Hairstyles

A chignon is constantly an excellent option when it pertains to quite, princess-like updos for a stylish event, and also we’re particularly crazy with this one. Her brilliant white hair is tousled back with a fishnet braid, developing a flawlessly loose chignon that’s completely awesome. Love this stunning style!


12) Twisted Side Updo with Short Hair

Homecoming Hairstyles

One more tackle a timeless updo, this side design makes sure to sweep your day off their feet! Wonderful spins are brought to the side into a messy, cute side bun that has lots of volume and enjoyable. Do not fail to remember to include a little body up leading to finish this glamorous appearance.


13) Chain Braid Chignon: Cute Homecoming Hairstyle

Homecoming Hairstyles

We love chignons! As well as this hairstyle is lovely and also entirely amazing. Her prolonged bangs are restored right into a loosened, extra-large braid, with a smaller-sized chain braid up top leading down to a complete and flawless chignon. Leaving simply a single curled strand upfront includes some major daintiness to this lovely hairdo.

14) Wrap Around Twist with Curls

This cute appearance has a hippie feel, but it’s still gorgeous sufficient for homecoming! She includes a unique spin that twists around the reduced half of her head, triggering a block in between her straight strands up top and also her wonderfully curled reduced locks. Such a cute hairstyle!

15) Tousled Curls and Wrap Around Twists

Her wrap around twists are outstanding and also absolutely unique, and with the different hair color, she’s sporting it really brings the shade to life! The twists divide the leading fifty percent from a very curly reduced fifty percent, swirls that are glamorous with just a pinch of untidy enjoyment. Clutter it up for a really cute look!

16) Formal Side Braid

Why continuously adhere to small pigtails when you can have one, gigantic and marvelous? A regal-looking hairdo for formal dancing, accessorize your side braid with items of child’s breath for fragile outlining or to accentuate the texture of your gown.

17) Timeless French Twist

Homecoming Hairstyles

Speak about a timeless creation! Miss French braids as well as opt for a French twist if you’re aiming for a graceful and advanced appearance.

18) Bohemian Braided Bob

Homecoming Hairstyles

If you want a charming homecoming hairstyle for brief hair, don’t shy away from braids! Loosely curl or tousle your hair. Entwine a headband-like section throughout the top of your head while excluding your bangs or shorter layers to mount the temple.

19) Crown Fishtail and Curly Bun

Homecoming Hairstyles

The nicely done fishtail encompasses the crown of your head, as well as is juxtaposed to a textured bun. It’s a difficult ‘do that will boost an extra informal gown.

20) Ringlet Half Updo

Homecoming Hairstyles

Girls with curly hair, be glad! Whether your swirls are natural, heatless, or styled with warm devices, develop a retro-inspired cascade of curls that begin in a fifty percent updo, and with dignity fall down your back.

21) High Bun with Side Braids

Homecoming Hairstyles

Conform reduced updos! Appear like a queen with this high bun that integrates braided information and sharp parts. This homecoming hair concept is an excellent possibility to rock your statement jewelry!

22) Twisted Half Updo for Long Hair

Homecoming Hairstyles

For long hair, cascading ringlets integrated with a modern-day hair hue (like the dark lowlights discovered on the blonde hair below) create a winning style for homecoming. Fancy but not over the top, this design will certainly function well on any individual with hair past their shoulders.

23) Cross Over Half Up Style

Homecoming Hairstyles

While not a style perfect for short hair, long-haired girls will certainly love this crisscross focus on the center of the hairdo. Perfect for naturally curly hair, this is one fifty percent updo that looks a lot more intricate than it really is, as well as it’s more notable than other homecoming hairstyles for the medium size.

24) Updated Side Ponytail

Homecoming Hairstyles

Love the benefit of a ponytail however want something a bit fancier? This easy style looks hugely complicated and also glamorous– in the nick of time for homecoming. When you take this one on– a couple of practice rounds won’t injure either, be sure to have lots of hairpins on hand

25) Braided Crowns

Homecoming Hairstyles

Braided crowns add a note of rule to hair that is excellent for elegant institution events. This simple braided crown offers a boost of quantity to the top of the head while still allowing enough hair to fall down in curls past the shoulders. As hairdos go, this one is wonderful, straightforward as well as wonderful.

26) Fancy Curly ‘Do.

Homecoming Hairstyles

Whether your hair is curly or right, this updo will look beautiful. The longer your hair is, the much more detailed you can make this style. Have fun with various pigtails, loops as well as buns until you obtain the trademark design you desire.

27) Burgundy Hairstyle with Undercut.

Cheer up your special evening by taking on a strong hair shade for the memorable high college occasion. This idea of homecoming hair hits the mark not just with its hair color.

28) African American Curly Mohawk.

Ethnic hair is a terrific blessing, as it can be manipulated right into some beautiful styles that just aren’t feasible with various other citizenships. This style is inspired by a timeless Mohawk with a totally contemporary spin. Get this done at the salon– trying out yourself isn’t so very easy.

29) Sweeping Braid and Curls.

Sweeping Braid and Curls

While there are several ideas for shoulder size hair as well as shorter locks, long hair truly provides you a ground for convenience and awesome experiments when it pertains to homecoming hair ideas. This sweeping pigtail begins on top of the head and covers its way down into a cascade of stunning swirls.

30) Half Updo with a Bow.

Homecoming Hairstyles

Below’s another charming suggestion for medium length hair or longer: you can protect hair into a joyful bow. It is really much easier than it looks, and long thick hair will certainly function best to the outstanding result. Secure this design with lots of hairpins– homecoming hair needs to be able to last all night.

31) Long Hairstyle with Highlights.

Long Hairstyle with Highlights

If you have gorgeous dark hair, try adding in some different highlights to actually bring personality right into your look. Curled, intertwined, or entrusted to flow in straight touches, brunette hair with a small addition of a light hue is stunning for a unique event– and every day too!

32) A Row of Bows.

A Row of Bows

Homecoming updos often tend to be a bit motto without a great deal of selection. However, this style is actually special as well as fun to use. It works best on thick hair, as well as if you have multi-tonal locks you’ll love the means this updo highlights each and every shade.

33) Spiced Up Natural Updo.

Spiced Up Natural Updo

All-natural hair can get in on the enjoyable and elegant activity of homecoming when you glossy it back into a gorgeous braid. Side hairdos are beautiful and also modern-day, and an added pop of natural curls makes them that much better!

34) Side Braided Pony.

Side Braided Pony

The selection of a hairdo for homecoming is equally as essential as the choice on the dress you are most likely to put on. Don’t take the procedure also gently. This special and also detailed side pigtail wraps hair into a stunning center knot while enabling bottom locks to flow openly.

35) Simple Curly Bun.

Simple Curly Bun

Of course, classic looks are far from undesirable. The typically curled bun updo is a straightforward standard that has actually been popular for generations as well as will likely continue to take a top spot in hair trends.

36) Basket Weave Crown.

Basket Weave Crown

Attempt something different with this basket weave crown. Emphasizes really display with this coifed appearance, as well as when it comes to hairdos for homecoming, this is rather a new entry onto the scene. You will enjoy the classic ambiance it shows while still continuing to be really modern in look and style.

Oh, many to choose from! … We don’t even know exactly what to suggest … well, a global idea that always functions is trying something flattering for the look that you have not tried prior to. Being different, changing your looks always gives lots of positive emotions, which we truly want you.

37) Slicked-Back Ringlets.

Slicked-Back Ringlets

This is the hairdo you never knew you needed. It’s serving beauty, structure, quantity, and it makes a significant declaration. Tease it out as well as make sure you accent with substantial jewels.

38) Princess Curls.

Princess Curls

This homecoming hairdo is straight out of a fairytale. The sophisticated, distinctive curls offer the 0 a heavenly ambiance, yet piling them up on top of your head makes it feel a lot more princess-y. As Lana Condor verified, this is the excellent search for a rather tulle dress.

39) Pierced Braids.

Pierced Braids

Even if you do not have ahead of tricked-out pigtails, you can quickly shake your own version of this trend. Just intertwine your hair any sort of method, after that include some hoops and also appeals awhile of bling.

38) Half-Up Pony.

Half-Up Pony

Ari isn’t the just one who can rock the fifty percent high pony. Madelaine Petsch definitely can– and so can you. This is the perfect hairstyle for when you’re feeling simply a little added, yet still wish to look glam (thus the curls).

39) Modern Crimps.

Modern Crimps

Your elementary school hairdo just got a 2019 upgrade. Bigger crimps make the appearance really feel even more chic– as well as essentially anyone can do it. Simply make use of a 3-barrel curling iron to bend your strands. It’s very easy.

40) Artsy Knot.

Artsy Knot

Let’s be real: leading knots are kind of boring. Classic and classic, yes, however also boring. Riri’s unbalanced version places an amazing twist (literally) on the go-to design. To make your bun radiate brilliant like a ruby, include some sparkle spray to the completed appearance.

41) Mod Pony.

Mod Pony

Highlight those inches with a stacked-up pony that really feels extremely retro. To make the look feel a bit more present, twist a strand, after that wrap it around the base of the horse. It looks posh as well as will certainly aid support and lift all that hair.

42) Double-Banded Bun.

Double-Banded Bun

Be the ballerina your 9-year-old self constantly dreamed of being, thanks to this stylish bun. Double up on flashy headbands for a runway-inspired update.

43) Braided Side Bun.

This hairdo is a two-in-one; you get the attractive swirls in the front, with a boho braided bun in the back. And no, you do not have to be a specialist stylist to pull it off. Simply wave out your hair as well as freely intertwine it off sideways. Pancake the pigtail, after that twist it up into a side bun.

44) Misted Waves.

Misted Waves

The web is constantly informing you to attempt the damp hair look– not gonna take place, sis. However, this half-dried take is a lot more wearable variation that you can in fact shake IRL. Maintain the appearance low key by missing your bangs (generally) and just putting products on your curls.

45) Loose Up-Do.

The very best means to fake a gorgeous natural crinkle: allow your hair air completely dry, after that crinkle only the facility of your hair, leaving completions alone. After making use of that method, sweep your hair up into a bun and also leave some items around your face.

46) One-Sided Volume.

One-Sided Volume

If you have slim hair, this is a great hack for making your strands look ultra thick. Add some large swirls, then component it far over away– stacking up all that hair will certainly offer you added volume. Pull the rest of your hair behind one ear as well as a clip with something sparkly.

47) Braided Finger Waves.

Braided Finger Waves

Prior to you panic, let me guarantee you: you do not require to visit a beauty salon to replicate this hairstyle. Just sweep the front of your braids into routine finger waves, making use of additional pins for hold, then cover the remainder right into a reduced bun.

48) Major Bangs.

Major Bangs

No one does outrageous glamour far better than Gigi Gorgeous. Police her hairdo for homecoming by starting and also adding some face-framing items to your next haircut.

49) Sleek Finger Waves.

Look no better than Zendaya’s head if you’re looking for a next-level glam hairdo that needs marginal initiative. Deceive her look by piling on the pomade, then combing down your hair flat. Use a comb and also your fingers to pull the waves right into place, then protect each wave with a banana clip till they’re dried out.

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