Fairy Hair Installation Directions


Fairy Hair may be a very thin piece of tinsel that’s knotted to one strand of hair employing a hair weaving tool.
If you ever did a hooked rug as a child, it’s an equivalent quite tool, but a touch smaller.
Fairy Hair comes in every color of the rainbow. People do a double-take once they see Fairy Hair because it’s so thin like hair, it’s love it is coming right out of your head!

Fairy Hair Installation Directions

If you can connect a knot, you can mount Fairy Hair on your own! For long enduring effect usage 3 – 5 hairs of hair when connecting Fairy Hair and also do 2 or 3 knots with the hair

Adding a little bit of completely dry shampoo to the root can add a structure to hair as well as prevent Fairy Hair sliding down.

Applying Fairy Hair for as long as feasible? – Adding a drop of eyelash adhesive to the base of the knot will do the trick!

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Do not brush damp.
For How Long Does Fairy Hair Last?
Fairy Hair can last for a day, weeks, or months. It is connected to a solitary strand of hair so it remains in your hair till that hair of hair befalls.

When you brush your hair, the knot may catch on the brush as well as pull the fairy hair out, along with the strand of hair.

Fairy Hair tends to last much longer in thicker hair. There are additionally times of the year when extra hair falls out than at various other times, so the Fairy Hair will certainly come out with your hair.
Can I Still Blow Dry as well as Swirl My Hair?
YES! You can color your hair, crinkle it, blow dry it, and do anything with your Fairy Hair that you would certainly do typically with your hair.

Can I Include Fairy Hair to My Own Hair?

YES! It is not easy, yet it can be done with persistence and also willpower. Enjoy the Fairy Hair instructional video right here.

Is Fairy Hair Just For Young Girls?


The people that are most interested in Fairy Hair are older females! The earliest person I have actually provided Fairy Hair was 92 years old (she chose warm pink!).

How to use:

Step 1. Produce a slip knot: Select a hair of Fairy Hair and also produce a tiny loophole. Draw the end of the Fairy Hair with the loophole totally.

Action 2. Tie the Fairy Hair and also hair strand with each other:
For fine hair choose 3 or 4 hairs (for thicker hair-1 or2).
Slide slip knot onto the hair. Pull Fairy Hair hair and hair side to side instructions, ensuring the knot is close to the hair shaft.

Tie the hairs as well as the Fairy Hair with each other in a knot. When the knot is at the base of the hair draw it tight. Currently you can go down the hair. Pull completions of Fairy Hair in opposite directions up until knot is safe. Try pulling Fairy Hair hair holding it closer to the knot (to avoid extending and breaking).

Action 3: Connect few extra knots with the Fairy Hair just. The completed knot must go to the base of hair, little and flattened into the hair.

If you can connect a knot, you can set up Fairy Hair on your own! For lengthy long-term result usage 3 – 5 strands of hair when affixing Fairy Hair and also do 2 or 3 knots with the hair as well as the Fairy Hair strand. Create a slip knot: Select a strand of Fairy Hair and produce a tiny loophole. Pull Fairy Hair strand as well as hair side to side direction, making sure the knot is close to the hair shaft. Connect the hairs and also the Fairy Hair together in a knot.


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