15 Best Ash Blonde Hair Colors Trending Now


By this factor it is more than simply popular that blonde hair amasses a lot of attention and appreciation despite the actual shade. One of the finest points concerning blonde hair is that there are so lots of variations of it that a color to fit almost every person can absolutely be discovered in the vast blonde combination.

In this case, the details color of blonde in question is ash blonde. Ash blonde hair is an extremely much more low-key tone of blonde, but it is still efficient in transforming heads and also making the exact same influence as various other blonde bombshell shades.

Ash Blonde Hair Hues

Light ash blonde, moderate ash blonde, all-natural ash blonde as well as unclean ash blonde are the most prominent tones to highlight the ash blonde shade. Usually, blonde hair shade requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh, but since ash blonde is a lot more low-key it doesn’t call for as much upkeep, which is optimal if you intend to reduce your hair prep time.

Whether you’re already on the ash blonde group or aiming to become its participant, there is a host of inspirational images right here to make your designing decisions less complicated. Have a look at the pictures below, featuring several of the best ash blonde hairstyles around. Prepare to see the light … the ash blonde light!


1.Sun-Kissed Ash Blonde

Sun-Kissed Ash Blonde

How would certainly you define this appearance?

This ash colored hair one of my all-time preferred appearances with dark brownish hair shade. It provides you a regular ashy blonde and natural tone from the darker origins to finish, yet there are measurements and appearance.

Any type of recommendations for somebody considering it?

This ash hair shade is wonderful for somebody who currently has an ashy base color to their all-natural hair with stands out of honey blonde, and also it’s the best of both globes. You get blonde with a smudged origin, lived-in appearance, so for those that aren’t wanting the significant maintenance of hair highlights, this is ideal! It’s just really soft all around virtually making it seem as though it’s just your natural color! Likewise, the cut has lots of adaptability so it’s actually wonderful for any person. Whether you have 30 secs or 30 minutes to design your hair, it can look excellent in either case!

2) Dark Ash Blonde

Just how would you define this look?

The smooth shift from a dark ash blonde hue to light makes it large and modern-day. As well as the great tones and harmonious tones on her beautiful long hair.

Any type of guidance for somebody considering it?

If it can take the procedure prior to doing it, examine the condition of the hair. Avoid hot designing tools to preserve the color, and also ensure that it suits the skin color.

3) Smokey Ash Blonde

Just how would certainly you describe this appearance?

The greatest feature of this blonde gray hair is the seamless mix right into a silvery tone, which was really hard to attain. This is likewise my preferred way to do waves since it makes the hair have a lot volume as well as body without the curls being as well tight!

Any suggestions for somebody considering it?

To be honest, an ash color like this requires a great deal of maintenance. The tone rinses fairly quick otherwise taken appropriate treatment. Somebody having this appearance should use a strong purple shampoo, as well as should just be showering once every 3 days or much less. In this way the tone will last longer, likewise using color safe hair shampoo and conditioner will provide the tone more durability.

For a person who is extremely adamant regarding maintaining the silver hair and ash-blonde locks, you would certainly intend to most likely to the beauty salon as well as obtain a tone one or two times between balayage touchup. Or else, it fades to a gorgeous smokey blonde balayage.

4) Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage

Just how would certainly you explain this look?

My ashy blonde hair shade production! She asked that the tone be extremely cool, ash blonde with lowlights. I enjoy producing blonds and also this guest was incredibly pleased with the outcome.

Any guidance for a person considering it?

I matched a couple of different methods together to get the blend as well as brightness of the blonde to ensure that the awesome tone of the ash would not darken it up way too much. I did a pattern of backcombed, moderate weaves, super great infant lights to the scalp as well as hand painted ends. I toned with Aveda Demi+ light ash and Aveda Men’s Grey blending in 7a. The cut is a candid one size to maintain strength at the perimeter and simply a couple of softer, face-framing pieces at the front. Blonds may have more enjoyable yet producing them is the best!

5) Ash Blonde Ombre

Ash Blonde Ombre

Just how would you define this appearance?

This ash blonde ombre hair shade fad catches your eye! It has such an edgy and also remarkable look to it yet the shadow tone in the root location is what maintains it much less maintenance than the traditional bleach and tone. This customer can go 3 months prior to requiring a touch-up!

The greatest thing about this haircut is its flexibility. It can go from innovative as well as elegant to young and also spirited in secs. From a sleek, I mean business style, to an enjoyable, break open the rosé, top knot. The choices are countless!

Any suggestions for somebody considering it?

This ash ombre is terrific for anybody sensation like a change. Simply keep in mind, the darker your hair is the even more aftercare, cash, and also time will be required.

Once or two times for a printer toner, to maintain the ashy tones in between consultations you might desire to stand out into the beauty salon. This haircut could be terrific on any kind of face form. The length is at a good point where it can balance a long face or thin out a full face. It only depends on a facility or side part to transform its appearance and also adapt to different face forms. This look would most definitely capture my interest!

6) Ash Blonde Babylights

Ash Blonde Babylights

Just how would certainly you describe this look?

This an ash off-white blonde produced by utilizing a combination of balayage as well as babylights to achieve dimension and also brightness! When it comes to tint services, I concentrate on blonds, particularly ash.

The best component would certainly be creating a personalized toner to match my client’s skin tone together with seeing to it their cut/style enhances their face shape. Afterward, I like to include a soft, beachy wave to improve appearance as well as body.

Any suggestions for someone considering it?

My customer is an all-natural level 8 and she is in my chair to rejuvenate every 12-16 weeks because she is an all-natural blonde. Attaining this level of agility isn’t impossible but it’s most definitely a long process and also could be a challenge for darker levels. If your client in on a budget, several sessions might help preserve the honesty of the hair as well as damage up the price.

Aftercare and also upkeep are crucial, particularly for cooler golden-haireds this like ash hair. I always recommend a good hair shampoo details to my clients’ requirements and also a toning shampoo to cheer up the tone in between appointments.

7) Grey and Ash Blonde Tones

How would you define this appearance?

I call this a silver foilage due to the fact that I integrated the two strategies, foils as well as balayage to achieve the agility required to develop a silver shade. Which is absolutely one of the extra preferred hair fads. Off, I want to direct out that this blonde hair shade took 6+ months in the making as well as I was starting at degree 6-7 hair. It is essential not to press the hair past its staminas when accomplishing this shade, regarding get to silver you, have to take all the pigment out of the hair which will leave it susceptible and also needing therapies and also frequent upkeep.

This cut is a tool size with long, distinctive layers. We crinkled right into a “coastline wave” seek to match the distinctive cut. For the photo, I added a loosened braid to complete a reversed, beachy appearance!

Any suggestions for someone considering it?

This ash blonde hairstyles are very sought after, it comes with a whole lot of time, upkeep, and money. Your visits could take 3-5 humans resources depending on your hair and can set you back upwards of 200-500$ plus the take-home items to keep your hair in excellent form.

As a stylist, I always explain hair care as well as maintenance and rate before starting the solution. It’s essential to inform our visitors, they seek to us to give them the appropriate hair for them as well as even though it may be something they initially wanted, ultimately, it might not be for them.

8) Platinum Ash Blonde

Platinum Ash Blonde

How would you define this look?

What I like regarding this technique is the soft qualities it gives to a severe grow summary. I applied Redken’s Shades eq to area 1 as well as obscured to different parts of zone 2 as well as 3 to give a soft mixed look. Shampooing it after it processed I made use of Redken’s Color Extend Blondage hair shampoo pulling ash platinum blonde shade down and also via the remainder of the hair to tone out all the brassy color.

Any kind of advice for a person considering it?

Pay attention to your stylist for house treatment routine as well as transform warmed appliances down. I advise only Redken and also Pureology. This platinum blonde hair is for any kind of hair type and color can be formulated and also positioned just for your specialized appearance.

9) Ashy Champagne Blonde Bob

Ashy Champagne Blonde Bob

Exactly how would certainly you define this look?

It’s a rainbowlike pearl ash blonde babylights with a smudged origin and style-textured coastline waves. The thing I enjoy most about this bob haircut and shade is the silver pearl toner we made use of for this amazing hair shade trend.

Any kind of advice for a person considering it?

Purple shampoo is a must to keep the color from obtaining also yellow in addition to a warm protectant. Make use of a dry structure spray for styling to obtain the beachy wave swirls. My preferred is Kenra.

If you have dark hair this ash blonde hairstyle will be an intense procedure taking several sessions as well as can obtain rather spendy. You require a toner refresh every 4-6 weeks to keep the ashy tone in the hair. The darker your hair is naturally the a lot more upkeep as well as the harder it will be.

10) Extra Long Layers with Dark Roots

Extra Long Layers with Dark Roots

If you’re looking for a design with a lot of sizes, this cut is a great selection. It includes soft layers for measurement, and it compliments this light blonde shade with dark origins.

11) Short Waves with Platinum Highlights

Short Waves with Platinum Highlights

This near bear length cut is a trendy design that looks wonderful when styled with soft waves, and the additional light discolored shade is stunning. The length is simple to style and also keep, and it’s assured to be complementary. Offer this design a try if you’re looking for a sensational face-lift.

12) Long and also Layered Ash Blonde Balayage

This long-length cut features extremely refined layers at the front to frame your face, and also this beautiful ashy blonde shade is lovely on any person. You should consider giving this style a shot if you’re seeking a new hairstyle, particularly if you’re interested in attempting a stunning balayage impact.

13) Dark to Platinum Ombre Waves

Dark to Platinum Ombre Waves

This is a charming hairstyle if you’re looking for a shorter cut and also ash blonde highlights. The darker roots include a cool spin to the ashy blonde trend, making this a genuinely quite hairstyle.

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14) Long Platinum Blonde Waves

Long Platinum Blonde Waves

This lengthy cut is a good choice if you’re looking for platinum blonde hair concepts. It’s effortlessly quite, as well as when styled with soft waves like in this picture, it’s especially charming. Offer this style a try if you’re searching for a sensational face-lift, and also you’ll definitely enjoy it.

15) Ash Brown Blonde Long Waves

Ash Brown Blonde Long Waves

This ashy blonde shade could be a terrific choice for you if you’re looking for dark blonde hair concepts. It looks all-natural while including subtle ash blonde highlights, and also it’s one of lots of cute hair shades. For a beautiful brand-new hairstyle and also shade, take into consideration providing this style a shot.

17) Long Soft Ash Waves

This soft blonde hair shade is stylish, featuring some subtle ash blonde balayage. The soft waves add texture and volume to the design, as well as the general result is a beautiful hairstyle. It’s easily quite, and will absolutely flatter anybody. Offer this style a shot if you’re looking for a spectacular make over.

18) Long Blonde Ashy Waves

Long Blonde Ashy Waves

This lengthy hairstyle is an excellent option if you’re seeking something long as well as easy to style, and the dark ash shade is most definitely special. With a standard lengthy style like this, the possibilities are endless. Loose waves enhance the cut and color well, as well as it’s guaranteed to flatter any person.

19) Soft Short Ashy Waves

Soft Short Ashy Waves

This shoulder-length cut styled with soft waves is the excellent style for anyone seeking something still gorgeous yet simple. The mild ombre balayage effect is subtle however easily eye-catching, and also it’s a wonderful suggestion for a brand-new fresh hair color. Think about giving it a try for your following look.

20) Short Angled Ombre Bob

If you’re looking for short hair ideas, this is another design that’s excellent. The tilted cut will certainly frame your face, and also the refined ombre color is so easy yet unbelievably pretty. This tilted bob could be a fantastic suggestion for you if you’re looking for a shortcut with a little bit of an edge.

21) Subtle Light Ombre Ash

Subtle Light Ombre Ash

If you’re itching to attempt the ombre fad, this soft ombre effect is fantastic when paired with an ashy color. The cut is also filled with volume, and overall it’s a great style if you desire something new and also fresh. You might want to consider giving this design a shot if you’re trying to find something brand-new.

22) Simple and Classic Soft Blonde

For followers of a classic blonde hairstyle, this long design and attractive blonde shade could be appropriate for you. It’s a beautiful color of blonde that’ll really assist you stick out, as well as you’re guaranteed to like it. Offer this appearance a try at some point if you’re looking for something that’s both easy and also magnificent.

23) Stunning Platinum Blonde Side Braid

Stunning Platinum Blonde Side Braid

Changing up a hairstyle with a braid is constantly an enjoyable concept, as well as this attractive side pigtail is no exception. It’s a fascinating way to use long hair, and also when coupled with this lovely ashy platinum shade, the outcome is an unique hairstyle that you’ll absolutely love.

24) Long Silvery Platinum Blonde Curls

If you’ve been tempted to attempt silver hair yet you’re too afraid to start, this silvery blonde shade is a fantastic choice. It’ll most certainly help you attract attention in a crowd, however it still has a tint of a wonderful classic blonde shade. Take into consideration offering this color and style a try for your next hairstyle, and also you’ll surely more than happy with the result

25) Brown Blonde Balayage Highlighted Curls

This style includes stunning blonde hair highlights with bold swirls, and also it’s the perfect alternative if you’re wanting to try something stylish. The length is very easy to style and includes lots of volume and appearance. Provide this style a try if you’re searching for a sensational make over.

26) Dark Ash Blonde With Honey Tones

Dark Ash Blonde With Honey Tones

For a sweeter, girl-next-door take on this colour, you can not go wrong this beauty’s dark ash blonde hair, which has heating honey tones to it.

27) Ponytail With Ash Melt

With ash blonde hair, everyone’s welcomed to the event (yes, we’re speaking to you brunettes around!). Just take a look at exactly how this road styler shows off her dark to ash blonde melt: in a low braid, total with pearl accessories.

28) Ash Blonde With Lilac

Ash Blonde With Lilac

Soft lilac hair is readied to be the best colour trend of 2019, as well as if you intend to try with a grown-up twist, now’s your possibility.

Just how? By sticking to an icy ash blonde base and also integrating lilac babylights throughout your hair, like this.

29) Sleek Medium Ash Hair

Sleek Medium Ash Hair

A fashion-forward twist on normal unclean blonde, this ashy variation will certainly look magnificent on every skin tone.

30) Ashy White Bob

Get on the mini fringe trend this year with this ashy white bob. This strong appearance isn’t for the fainthearted, in either case, there’s no arguing how stylish it looks

how to Get an Ash Blonde Hair Color


If you’re intending on heading into the hair salon to accomplish ash blonde hair, having a photo is a great way to reveal your colorist what look you’re going for. Telling your colorist you desire ash blonde locks or picking up any kind of old box of ash blonde hair color is not sufficient.

Take the time to look up ash blonde hair ideas and also find one that fits your style! Can not decide? Right here are a few of our favorite ash blonde hair shade fads presently.


Among the most preferred ash blonde hair color patterns, mushroom blonde hair is a dimensional color that includes ashy gray blonde hues and also dark touches. It’s a stunning mix of blonde-meets-brunette!


Wish to go truly ashy? A grayish ash blonde hair color may be the best option for you. If you’re curious concerning attempting out the silver hair shade fad, this is a wonderful means to examine the waters.


For a low-maintenance take on ash blonde hair, try ash blonde balayage. As you can most likely presume, the shade makes use of the balayage highlighting method for a natural-looking mane that will not lead to any kind of rough lines as your roots start to grow out.


Provide white ash blonde hair color a try if you’re a fan of platinum. It includes lovely, bright, ashy tones that pair well with a dark ash blonde base.


Speaking of dark ash blonde, it’s one of our preferred takes on the ash blonde hair color trend! The shade is suitable for those with a darker hair that aren’t rather ready to go full-on blonde. Think of a combination of dark blonde and light brown ashy tones.


Depending on your starting base shade, you may desire to enlist the help of a professional colorist. That’s because bleach can do a number on your hair, as well as it’s a rather potent chemical to manage at residence.


All set to take on at-home whitening? Keep these ideas in mind for a smooth shade job.


Unless you’re going with an incredibly remarkable appearance, you’ll possibly intend to maintain your ash blonde tone looking as natural as possible. Utilizing your all-natural brow shade as a recommendation, never ever bleach your hair greater than 2 to 3 shades lighter in a single session.


In general, the finest coloring results are achieved on hair that’s never been colored before. Formerly colored locks are additionally a lot more vulnerable to damage from the bleaching procedure, so it may be sensible to reserve a visit with a pro colorist, at least for this component of the procedure.


We totally understand the enjoyment that a brand-new hair color brings, however whatever your base shade is, take caution to not rush through the process. Also medium-toned redheads might need a couple of at-home lightening sessions to achieve a light sufficient blonde tone– and also after that you still have to include in the ash blonde hair dye!


Golden-haireds might have more enjoyable– however they definitely call for more special hair treatment. It’s important to look after it to make the most of the life-span of your shade, especially when you’ve put in a lot of initiative (or time in the beauty parlor chair!) to accomplish your new shade. Read on for our top ideas on just how finest to care for your new ash blonde hair shade.


While ash blonde hair dyes can be utilized to cover brassy tones, purple shampoo is still a must. While your awesome hair color might not go brassy as quick as other shades of blonde, it still takes work to keep.


It’s all great– you can briefly hide gray roots with the L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up, which is offered in light to tool dark and also blonde tones. To use, drink the can well, hold it four to 6 inches away from your hair, as well as spray shade onto brand-new growth and partly via the size of your hair to mix in.


You’ve heard it previously, however it bears repeating: If you utilize warmth on your hair every day, think about air-drying your hair a few times a week rather. Not just can it help preserve your ash blonde hair hue, however it will certainly likewise look very stylish! An ash blonde color + curly hair = one of our preferred pairings!


Ash blonde hair colors have smoky tones that make them a bit edgy. Why not pair your new tone with a new ‘do? If you’re coloring your hair blonde throughout the summer months, take into consideration switching to a brief hairstyle with some side! Pixie cuts are absolutely in fashion nowadays, as are lobs and bobs. No matter what design you pick, wear your ash blonde hair proudly!

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