3C Hair Guide: How To Style It? How To Take Care Of It?


When you consider type 3C hair, one visualizes bouncy, kinky, extensive limited swirls. Before currently you most likely never ever understood that there are different hair kinds. While this may come as a bit of a shocker to you, it is not unusual that many women do not understand what it implies to have a type 3C hair, the numerous terms for hair types, what hair treatment items to use for their hair or even how to make use of these products in their all-natural hair programs.

With this hair overview, we will change that by bringing you all the scoop about your 3C hair and just how to style and also care for your hair so you can go on as well as offer your kinky swirls all the love it is entitled to.

What Is 3C Hair?

A 3C hair resembles the curly end of a curl and also could be as long as a pencil or straw. Kind 3C hair has the tightest crinkle pattern of all kind 3 hair. If you have type 3C hair, there are two methods to recognize. On close evaluation, you will certainly discover that 3C hair has S-shaped swirls. If you fit a normal pencil inside one of your swirls, it would certainly wrap well around it. Keep in mind that you might have more than one hair kind. Your hair might be the combination of two or more hair types, and your crinkle pattern may be various from front to back, or side to side.

Caring For Your 3C Hair

While 3C hair is soft to touch it is prone to breakage, dryness, and frizz. At whatever phase you remain in your all-natural 3C hair trip, learning about your hair kind as well as its demands will certainly make a lot of distinction in your hair care and also maintenance regimen. You can embrace these techniques in taking care of your 3C curly hair.

Cleanse your 3C hair typically

When washing your 3C hair, you ought to never do it with a sulfate hair shampoo, that would otherwise remove your hair of its natural oils. They do the job of removing oil and also oil from your hair, without having to strip your curls of its much needed all-natural oils.

Make certain you dilute it with water initially to reduce its strength or simply do a co-wash if you determine to utilize a sulfate shampoo anyway. A co-wash includes using routine or cleansing conditioner to clean your hair as well as scalp.

You need to shampoo your hair once a week, nevertheless, if you have high porosity hair, you can offset it by applying protein therapies to your hair a minimum of two times a month. Porosity is the measurement of your hair’s ability to absorb and hold dampness.

Reduced porosity hair suggests that your hair has actually a securely bound cuticle layer, that makes it hard for dampness to absorb right into the hair and likewise difficult for wetness to get away when it’s in your hair. While high porosity hair reveals spaces and also openings in the follicle and permits the simple flow of dampness in and out of the hair.

Exactly how you care for your hair in the evening issues if you intend to ensure that you keep your hair growth and also have healthy, happy tresses. You will certainly end up with brittle completely dry ends as well as hair damage if you copulate a cotton cushion with your hair discovered. Prior to your rest you must collect your hair up in a pineapple on top of your hair and also twist around with a silk headscarf or a satin bonnet. Putting your swirls in pineapple aids maintain their shape as well as design overnight.

Your 3C hair requires great deals of dampness

3c hair is vulnerable and has the propensity to run out much more rapidly than other hair kinds. This is due to the fact that sebum from the scalp does not have a straight path down the hair strands, because of obstruction from ringlets oil does not get distributed equally throughout the hair. While hair shampoos and also conditioners that hydrate, as well as moisture your hair, should become part of your hair care routines, you still have to moisturize your hair daily so as to maintain your thick and healthy 3C hair.

Water is the most effective type of dampness for your hair. You need to spritz your hair with water daily or utilize moisturizing lotions on your ends daily. An excellent moisturizing regimen is a vital to getting long delicious 3C swirls, as well as security versus hair damage and split ends.

You can additionally deep condition your 3C hair by resting with a mask or therapy on your hair for 30 minutes regular under a hooded clothes dryer for added wetness and also hydration. Oils, being good moisturizing agents, do the work of sealing in hydration into the hair shaft. Oils like jojoba and avocado, soak up well into the hair cuticle as well as shield the hair strand from damages. These oils add nutrients and also shine to your kinky 3C swirls also. Coconut, wonderful almond and argan oils are likewise preferred 3C oils you should check out.

@AshleyBrianca will show you exactly how to hydrate and also secure your 3C natural hair in this straightforward video tutorial:

Styling Your 3C Hair

Every 3C hair is different when it pertains to its crinkle patterns, structures, thickness, or dimensions. Recognizing which group your hair comes under educates your choice when acquiring hair care and styling products for your hair type. As type 3C hair requires extra wetness as well as great deals of care as a result of its vulnerable nature, you should utilize styling creams, butter, and oils on it. When searching for styling items for your 3C hair, opt for ones with a holding agent in it – so your swirls are able to last longer – as well as have moisture for crinkle meaning and also moisturizing.

Stylers like gel-creams, sprays, or even mousses are lightweight on your kind 3C hair, while items like shea butter or olive oil would most likely layer and weigh your strands down. Designing items you can include in your hair regularly consist of; Shea Moisture Coconut and also Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eco Styler Gel, or Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Styling Lotion.

An additional method of styling 3C hair is by Incorporating protective styling strategies. You can additionally show off your curls with these other cute styles like a braided top knot, buns, high smoke, twist out, braid out, artificial mohawk, or a natural hair expansion.

The very best all-natural hair extensions for your 3C hair is the Kinky Coily extension, this type matches your curl pattern and appearance flawlessly. You can likewise shake a 3c braid or crochet if you’re in While this might come as a bit of a shocker to you, it is not uncommon that a lot of females don’t know what it implies to have a kind 3C hair, the different terms for hair kinds, what hair treatment items to make use of for their hair or also exactly how to use these items in their all-natural hair routines. At whatever stage you are in your natural 3C hair trip, discovering concerning your hair kind and its requirements will make an entire lot of difference in your hair care as well as a maintenance regimen.

3c hair is breakable as well as has the tendency to dry out up a lot more rapidly than various other hair types. While hair shampoos and also conditioners that hydrate and also moisture your hair ought to be component of your hair care regimen, you still have to moisturize your hair daily so as to keep your healthy and balanced and thick 3C hair.

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Knowing which category your hair falls into informs your decision when acquiring hair care and also designing products for your hair kind.

4 Foolproof Hairstyles for Your Curl Type

Half-Up Top Knot

3c hair

We are loving this elegant top knot hairstyle that you can master on your natural hair. Use a little Dove Absolute Curls Supreme Créme Serum to your hair after that gather your top section into a bun. Fluff the rear of your hair for quantity and set your look with Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray.

Curly Updo

3c hair

No matter your hair kind or crinkle pattern, all of us have those days when we just require a basic accessory to transform a hairstyle from drab to fab. Draw your 3c hair huddles into a ponytail at the facility of your crown. Make use of a hair gel like TRESemmé Make Waves Shaping Gel to specify any type of flyaway curls, then wait about 5 minutes for the product to dry. Take a headwrap of your option as well as tie it around your hairline to adorn your basic curly ponytail.

Big, Bouncy Curls

Big, Bouncy Curls

For this hairstyle, the maximum quantity is the name of the game. To get the appearance, use hair serum on dry hair, like Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum, to add sparkle and also moisture prior to styling. Wait about five minutes for the product to completely dry to prevent frizz. Utilize an afro choice to provide your roots a bit lift then give your hair a shake, permitting your 3 hair curls to fall in location.

Space Buns

3c hair

When styling your 3c hair crinkle type, maintain in mind that your crinkle pattern helps develop the total appearance. Instead, wrap your swirls into a loose bun and also draw out items of the hair to add more appearance to the look.

To get the appearance, use hair serum on completely dry hair, like Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum, to add sparkle and also moisture before styling. Make use of an afro pick to give your roots a bit lift then give your hair a shake, enabling your 3 hair swirls to fall in the area.

When styling your 3c hair crinkle type, keep in mind that your curl pattern helps develop the overall look. Rather, wrap your swirls right into a loose bun as well as draw out pieces of hair to add more texture to the look.

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