Much less intense than a standard mohawk yet equally as trendy, A faux hawk makes an exceptional hairstyle selection for men. Check out the top 25 sexy faux hawk haircuts for men. Eye-catching and younger, the appearance draws attention without showing up excessive. So, if you’re after a design that will allow you to highlight the punk on the weekend and maintain things specialist during the week, a faux hawk is for you. Do not head to the barber just. As there are lots of versions of this hairstyle, you’ll need to find the ideal one for you before receiving your new cut. The good news is, we can aid you to make your choice. Here’s our choice of sexy faux hawk hairstyles to inspire your next appearance.

Mohawk vs Faux Hawk

1 Short Faux Hawk

FAUX HAWK HAIRCUTS FOR MENA short faux hawk haircuts for men is tamer than the longer versions of this  hairstyles and will permit you to add some texture to your hair. The method when reducing a much shorter faux hawk is to make sure that you style it with precision.

2. Lengthy Faux Hawk


A longer faux hawk is various from a regular Mohawk, because of the combined percentages. Hair product is vital for a longer faux hawk, so utilize a respectable amount to guarantee your locks remain in location all day.

3. Taper Fade Faux Hawk


The taper fade faux hawk blends the hair nicely on the side of the face. The trick to making the most of the percentages of this cut is knowing what length will match your specific functions. This will certainly better enable you to figure out whether more quantity and size up top will help your face shape. A sound alternative is to deal with tool length hair for this  hairstyle

4. Reduced Fade Faux Hawk

FAUX HAWK HAIRCUTS FOR MENWith a reduced fade faux hawk haircuts for men, it is very important that your hair signs up polished as well as well assembled. As you’re dealing with substantially shorter percentages at the end of your hair, a little gloss will certainly go a long way and enhance a reduced fade. Select a glossy gel or mousse and also style appropriately.

5. Curly Faux Hawk

For those honored with swirls, a curly faux hawk is a different means to offer dimension to your natural hair texture, especially if you are battling with a unmanageable and also thick mane. This cut usually works finest for gents with wavier curls. Use a lightweight mousse or pomade that works well with your swirls as well as style accordingly. For a fine-tuned take, coiffure your curls for a long-lasting hold but guarantee you do not totally lose the curly shape.



6. Undercut Faux Hawk


The closest version to a Mohawk, the faux hawk undercut depends on a quite large distinction between the sides as well as the center part of your faux hawk. Your general purpose must be to downplay the intensity of an undercut, making the facility part of your hair register not as severe.

7. David Beckham Faux Hawk
David Beckham reveals us how to do the faux hawk justice, and also his handle this cut has actually developed throughout the years. From his early years in soccer to his more modern-day analyses of this hairstyle, Beckham keeps his hairstyling proportionate to his face form. Beckham’s contemporary cut still protects faux hawk influenced elements yet is extra softened in terms of balance.


A short faux hawk is tamer than the longer versions of this hairstyles and also will certainly enable you to add some texture to your hair. Hair product is extremely important for a longer faux hawk, so utilize a respectable quantity to ensure your locks stay in place all day. The taper fade faux hawk blends the hair perfectly on the side of the face. With a reduced fade faux hawk, it is crucial that your hair registers polished and also well put together. For those honored with swirls, a curly faux hawk is a various method to offer measurement to your natural hair appearance, especially if you are struggling with a thick as well as unmanageable hair.

8. Choppy Faux Hawk Style



Produced by using gel in wealth, the choppy faux hawk is a dimensional as well as very distinctive design that is fantastic for both formal and informal wear. The appearance includes unique portions of short hair styled into a forward gust and also is sure to draw the eye.

9. Slicked Back Pomp Faux HawkRough Faux Hawk Style
Produced by using gel in wealth, the choppy faux hawk is a dimensional as well as very distinctive design that is fantastic for both formal and informal wear. The appearance includes unique portions of short hair styled into a forward gust and also is sure to draw the eye..


Perfect for men that want to keep a bit of length up top, the slicked back splendor faux hawk is a wonderful mixture between a faux hawk and also a pompadour hair cut that has been laid level, offering this design varied wearability that borders on dapper.

10. Loose Faux Hawk


The loose faux hawk usually will include an emphasized discolor on the sides and medium-length hair up top that slackly hangs to the left, right, or down the front of the face, devoid of gel. It can be used to outdoor events or to various other casual celebrations.

11. Bedhead Faux Hawk


The bedhead faux hawk is specifically what it sounds like: a male just presented of bed, ran a hand through his hair and left your house. It looks terrific on men heading to college, to a laid-back job, or simply a day out in town.

12. Tall Faux Hawk


For those opting for a lavish hairstyles, look no further than the tall faux hawk. It is short in the back and gradually gets taller toward the front for a type of wave impact. As a result, it’s ideal for events or anywhere you wish to make a style declaration.

13. Mild Fade Faux Hawk


The mild fade faux hawk begins as an abundant bit of hair at the front that has been slicked back onto the head. A magnificent fade supports it, slowly tapering down from a great deal of hair to none whatsoever.

14. Undercut Faux Hawk


If you desire unrivaled appearance, choose the undercut faux hawk. It features cut sides that gradually develop to a route prior to the faux hawk. In addition, the faux hawk is usually extra-large and moving to give a great contrast. Its artistic nature could function excellent for university student

15. Extensive Faux Hawk


For a significant wow aspect that will transform heads anywhere you go, opt for voluminous faux hawk hairstyles for guys variant! They are perfect for medium-long hair and are absolutely going to be the prime focus of your set.

16. Traditional Faux Hawk with Fade


This is a spin on the timeless faux hawk style as it includes a thick faux hawk ahead with a lovely fade on the side to add a little depth and also character to the look. It’s excellent for anyone that wishes to develop a remarkable impact.

17. Modest Wave Faux Hawk


The understated wave faux hawk is a subtle faux hawk that is a little raised at the front of the head. The back is short, the sides are shaved– occasionally with a discolor– as well as it is excellent for daily wear, to work, and basically anywhere.

18. Messy Classic Faux Hawk


The messy timeless faux hawk works around the timeless faux hawk allure, but without all that crispy gel. It is a much more informal appearance, with light structure as well as mild tapering on the sides. This hairstyle goes with any kind of outfit as well as is best for any occasion.

19. Splendor Crossed with Faux Hawk


Perhaps you can not determine whether you want a dapper pomp or an edgy faux hawk. Well after that look no more than the pomp went across with a faux hawk! It features a pompadour style top that leans somewhat to one side, just like a faux hawk, and also sides that are cut down almost entirely.

20. Significant Wave Faux Hawk



21. The remarkable wave

haircuts for men is the best declaration hair reduced as it will undoubtedly draw attention to you. This is a wonderful cut for anybody seeking to highlight their fits, highlight their beard, or for those who just intend to add more quantity to their hair.

21. The Boxy Classic


Influenced by the temp fade haircut, the blocky classic is basically a discolor with a thick cut toward the top of the head that blooms into a handsome faux hawk. The faux hawk is generally brief to maintain it in a somewhat boxed form. This is amongst the best metropolitan faux hawk hairstyles for males.

22. The Classic Faux Hawk


The classic faux hawk is the design most frequently related to the general faux hawk hairstyle. It has brief hair on the side, but not cut, and has a couple of inches of hair on the top, pressed together right into a minor angular posture. This cut looks excellent and appropriates for practically any kind of situation

23. Wavy Faux Hawk


The curly faux hawk integrates a timeless discolor on the sides of the head with a medium length curly hairstyle. You need to include a little bit of spray or gel, but not much, leaving its waviness undamaged as well as letting it hang to whichever side is its all-natural one.

24. Curly Faux Hawk

The curly faux hawk is a terrific, simple way to style curly hair. Just cut the sides down or fade them, and then allow the top do its own point. You might not even need hair items.

25. Piecey Faux Hawk

Piecey faux hawk haircuts for men are nothing but appearance, structure, appearance. This style comes to life piece by piece, thanks to some heavy gel, for a split, thick faux hawk. This haircut works well for casual occasions and even for sprucing up any type of ensemble.

26. Layered Faux Hawk

Layered Faux Hawk

Similar to any haircut, the means the hair is cut makes all the distinction in the finished product. This hairstyle is greatly feathered, which gives it depth as well as thickness throughout the top as well as center of the hair.

27. Shaggy Faux Hawk


A shaggy hairstyle is best for those that love a messy touch to their hair, and, thankfully, you can have the look while likewise accepting a popular faux hawk haircut, similar to this photo.

28. Deep Part Faux Hawk

Deep Part Faux Hawk

The means your faux hawk haircut is split makes all the difference in exactly how it looks. This design is split deeply on each side and afterwards discolored, while the top is extra downplayed as well as just increased up.

29. Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk

One of the best things about a faux hawk haircut is that it works well with a range of hair textures. This one is done on naturally curly hair, the sides are reduced as well as faded.

30. Spiked Faux Hawk

Spiked Faux Hawk


This one is certainly the design for you if it’s side as well as dramatization you’re looking for in your hawk cut. While the sides are clipped short, the top and also nape remain longer and then shaped as well as surged into a remarkable Mohawk.

30. Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

You may think that a buzz cut and a faux hawk have little in common, but you ‘d be surprised at exactly how fantastic they look when combined. The aesthetic result of Mohawk is created here thanks to the mix of much shorter sides and longer buzz cut.

31. Front-Combed Faux Hawk

Boosted by an untidy touch, this faux hawk design is all about the means it is brushed. By brushing it up, you accentuate the point-cut finishes as well as the front-tilted quiff that forms an awesome silhouette of your design.

32. Extreme Faux Hawk

Extreme Faux HawkSometimes mosting likely to the severe with your haircut is simply what you require to seasoning things up. This cut includes neatly tapered brief sides, yet the long, incredibly spiked and also sharp leading section is what sends out heads turning.

33. Finger-Combed Faux Hawk

Finger-Combed Faux Hawk

There is a myriad of faux hawk styles, however this one is everything about utilizing your fingers. Besides the edgy spiked top and also tapered sides, this cut is provided character thanks to the great finger-combing styling strategy used throughout.

34. Long Faux Hawk

The size of your faux hawk can be any kind of size you such as, even if it causes the shape to look a little various. This cut includes skinned sides, while the neck is tapered. The middle and also top are left significantly much longer for a Mohawk form to be produced.

32. Curled Faux Hawk

Confirming that you don’t always have to have normally curly hair to accomplish the curled look, this design plays with structure by adding flicks throughout the top.

33. Smooth Faux Hawk

Smooth Faux Hawk

The majority of faux hawk designs are stressed by their spiky top that networks rockstar stylish. It’s additionally possible to maintain your hair fairly smooth with a fauxhawk, as shown right here. The hair in the top, back as well as sides is neatly combed and also smoothed with a mild spike. We like the taper fade sympathetically blended into the style.

34. Short Low Fade Faux Hawk

Short Low Fade Faux Hawk

Loving the look of a fade but still want to play around with a Mohawk? Well the faux hawk discolor is the best of both worlds. Combining a reduced discolor with a faux hawk is a fantastic method to accept different hair sizes and also textures.

35. Skin Fade Faux Hawk

In terms of the men’s faux hawk versions, there are many design choices available that match a selection of preferences. In this photo, there is a bolder skin fade haircut on display, as the shaved sides and spiky top are quite expressive yet not too over the top.






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