20 Green Hair Color Ideas Trend Like a Celebrity


Green hair is a high-fashion, important hair color that will get you the limelight any place you go. From vivid emeralds to rocker neons to leafed pastels, the green hair trend has taken over the feeds of renowned individualities like Kim K and Dua Lipa and is getting colorists thrilled and also influenced to produce comparable color productions. Green hair color is being instilled into highlights, lowlights, ombre as well as various other coloring methods.

Don’t just think the shade of lawn when you consider green hair color when there are a lot of shades readily available. Hair dyes are vital to creating that green hair color as well as a professional colorist can help for those that are not confident in DIY hair dyes for such an unique color.

It’s an impressive shade that assures magic and focus, but likewise requires great deals of love and upkeep. To get going, having well and also equally bleached hair is a should to make the most of dye absorption. Cleaning your hairs with cold water as well as utilizing color-safe and also color-depositing hair shampoos as well as conditioners additionally aid prolong this verdant eco-friendly goodness.

It may take a lot of effort to keep a viridescent mane however the results are unbelievable as well as always worth it! Show off one of these trendy green hair shades and also experience a really verdant look!

Olive Green Hair

Olive Green Hair

An unusual eco-friendly shade in every means. Olive shade brings luster to the hair and also is cool and remarkably vibrant.

Neon Green


A sparklin’, pop rockin’ color that brings you back to the future! Intense pastel green is a revitalizing take on the old grassy hue.

Dark Green Hair Color

Dark Green Hair Color

How would you describe this look?

This shade is bold, edgy, and fashion forward. My preferred feature of this appearance would certainly be how well the color, style, and also cut complement each other. Couldn’t visualize this done differently.

Any type of advice for somebody considering it?

See to it that 4-6 week upkeep visits would work well with their schedule to ensure that the hair color is well maintained and lively.

Make sure not to clean every day (2-3 cleans a week max) with cooler water using sulfate complimentary hair shampoos and also conditioners to maintain the shade from fading. This haircut was produced using a razor, so for clients with finer texture, I would certainly advise a traditional shear haircut.

Top guidance is to enjoy your new design and shade as well as have a good time with it!

Lime Green


Exactly how would you describe this appearance?

This is what I call “witch fulfills highlighter.” You can see those much deeper eco-friendlies blending right into an electrical, highlighter green color. I created this color making use of the game-changing color line Pulp Riot. Something I locate absolutely fantastic regarding a bright, neon eco-friendly, is that it is certainly a show-stopper. This girl is a head turner.

You see this bright environment-friendly as well as any individual will be floored by it– she’ great, various, as well as most definitely someone you need to know. Declaration eco-friendlies are unique and certainly original. She has a bangin’ customizable color that you will not see on everyone else.

Any guidance for a person considering it?

For someone wanting vivid colors, specifically eco-friendlies or neons (or both), you require to be paired with a stylist who will educate them as well as they need to be a client prepared to spend time and effort into their color. Proper home treatment as well as products are important in the fade-out procedure in vivids. I associate vivids to getting a new

tattoo: you need a person educated in their art, so they supply the best items, and you need fantastic after-care.

It’s an attention-drawing color. This lime green color can cover in advance (like my customer below) or it can be positioned as “peek-a-boo” highlights for just a pop of enjoyable shade.

At the end of the day, when picking eco-friendly or any kind of various other dazzling shade, below’s what I recommend: Research your stylists. Search for their social media, check out their vibrant work. Get in for an appointment, obtain educated, ask concerns! As well as absolutely, always bring your very own personality into it.

Woodland Green

Just how would you define this appearance?

This shade is wintergreen. Believe thick evergreens deep in the woods of pacific north-west versus the

great back-drop representation of winter. For the style, I simply did a standard round-brush coiffure for quantity and also level of smoothness with an extra timeless finish for this rich, timeless look. It’s the fun of a fantasy/vivid shade without attempting to be in your face about it.

Any kind of recommendations for a person considering it?

When wishing to maintain any kind of dream shades like green, I constantly inform my customers to prevent excessive warm styling for the first week or more as well as to clean with trendy water as warm/hot water opens the cuticle of the hair and also strips away shade, along with any sulfate hair shampoo, will certainly remove color too.

At Axis Hair Salon, we create custom-made color conditioners that we send residence with our clients that are intending to do what they can to keep their color even after they leave, so their color stays brilliant for longer as well as it can make the next hair salon touch-up consultation that much quicker and easier. Due to the logistics of a bleach-out process as well as touching up

the origins afterward, customers that desire fantasy shades similar to this ought to be prepared to need to can be found in every 5-7 weeks.

Vivid shades look their finest for the initial 3 weeks depending on exactly how usually a client washes their hair yet can stay fresher for longer if they do not clean their hair also regularly, are washing with great water and are making use of sulfate-free products and customized shade conditioners. This certain shade has a tendency to look outstanding on even more tan-olive complexion yet can look great on anyone since truly all that matters is exactly how your hair makes you really feel and also just how you have it!

Purple as well as Green Balayage Hair Color

How would certainly you explain this appearance?

The coolest thing concerning this look is it’s perfect for darker hair. When I cut long layers into her hair, it truly provided movement to the shade permitting you to see heights of lows and also highs.

Any type of recommendations for somebody considering it?

Embrace the fade. Pulp Riot’s shades fade true to the tone and come to be a much more pastel version of themselves. It’s a hair journey to delight in the flight. As always, the right shampoo and also conditioner as well as cold water will certainly constantly take you even more.

Green  Mermaid Hair

How would you explain this look?

For my green-loving guest, this was an appearance inspired naturally that we lovingly called “Forest Nymph.” With Pulp Riot as my paint, our combination was totally customized with making use of 8 various shades (Noir, Absinthe, Area 51, Nightfall, Lemon, Firefly, Aquatic, Nirvana) utilizing the contrast in between rich eco-friendlies and also electrical neon prisms to bring balance and movement to her hair, whether styled right, wavy or curly. Every brush stroke and also hair flip reveals something different, which’s the very best part!

Any recommendations for someone considering it?

For any person going to buy not only the first solution however additionally the correct house care products, these greens won’t dissatisfy. (I suggest Pulp Riot’s color shielding Bangkok shampoo, Tokyo conditioner, and also Berlin dry hair shampoo in between wash days.) 7 weeks later on, at 2 laundries a week, this elegance is still shaking her color vibrancy.

I hear so frequently, “I ‘d like to have a good time tinted hair, I just couldn’t pull it off,” yet rainbow hair is for every person. There are ladies over 60 who ask to be unicorns and also mermaids.

If you’re thinking about dipping a toe into eco-friendly as a hair shade however are hesitant, ask your stylist to begin you off with some surprise or peekaboo panels. Keeping a natural colored origin with either a melt, balayage, or ombre is also a fantastic way to relieve into the unique.

Pink as well as Green Balayage Hair

Flaunt your mermaid hair with complementary coastline waves on your long as well as running locks. Surely, all the mermen are mosting likely to dive in for this look.

Bold Green Dip Dye

Bold Green Dip Dye

How would you describe this appearance?

I have a lot of customers who request color that is vibrant and edgy, yet also reduced maintenance. Colored ombres are one of my favorite shades to do. The all-natural root is forgiving to grow out, as well as they’re not dedicated to find back every 4 weeks for a touch-up! Pulp Riot’s “Absinthe” pops against the dark base, and also it’s not something you see everyday! The coolest feature of this look is that it’s edgy, however still simple for her to maintain.

Any type of advice for somebody considering it?

Any of my clients who I use vivids on, I inquire to purchase Overtone in their shade. (In this case, Extreme Green) A color depositing conditioner lets them maintain the shade themselves in the shower, and also it’ll last as long as they keep using it! This is a should for any brilliant shades!

Be ready to tarnish a couple of pillow cases as well as towels with any type of brilliant shade, however it’s worth it. I recommend customers to maintain the base close matching their natural one, so the grow-out is forgiving if they’re not somebody who often tends to get their hair done very typically. Surprisingly, this is a fantastic search for a person with an active life, that doesn’t have a ton of time for the hair salon!

Pastel Green Shade

Just how would certainly you describe this appearance?

This minty fresh pastel color is one of my favored colors to do. Green has actually always been a preferred shade of mine.

Any type of recommendations for somebody considering it?

Mint color tones like this are a soft method of using a color that typically times can be intimidating to people. I find that many individuals can wear any type of shade– it’s just discovering the best tone as well as degree of it.

Black and Green Ombre

Black and Green Ombre

Exactly how would certainly you explain this appearance?

This appearance is what I call a green ombré hair color. I darkened her base color and lightened her ends then used the eco-friendly dye.

Any kind of guidance for somebody considering it?

These shades additionally fade extremely rapidly. I suggest using a pigmented shampoo to keep the color looking wonderful!

Bright Green

Bright Green

How would certainly you explain this appearance?

This is a multidimensional green hair shade. What I enjoy the most around this appearance is the way the neon green pops, providing it that pop and body.

Any kind of advice for a person considering it?

Green hair is really high upkeep. Your hair has to be blonde for the vivids to get on. For those that have darker hair, lightning sessions are needed.

Keeping the green hair requires a shade care shampoo as well as conditioner. For instance, Eufora’s Bodyfying shampoo has a vivid shade complicated which assists extend the life of the shade, so I extremely suggest it.

With that said being stated you do not wish to wash your hair commonly, as well as dry shampoo is your best friend (Davines hair freshener is my preferred). When you do clean it, ensure to wash it with cooler water to preserve the color in much longer.

Light Green Shade

Light Green Shade

Exactly how would certainly you define this look?

This look is unrestrained as well as informal. The cut and color mirror a contemporary, carefree, and also daring person. The coolest thing about it is exactly how the look talks directly to her personality. I like exactly how the swirls are somewhat flyaway and also soft and exactly how the color compliments her complexion so nicely.

Her hair was prepped with a leave-in conditioner and hair oil. I additionally like drawing tiny items on the surface outward from the ends to improve the flyaway look.

Any advice for somebody considering it?

Firstly prep their hair prior to their shade check out with a treatment like Olaplex # 3. Doing numerous treatments over a few weeks prior to obtaining their shade done and continuing weekly therapies after that.

It is super gentle on hair color and nourishing to scalp and also hair. It seriously helps shade remain longer and also swirls enjoy it.

Although the look yells very easy going, maintenance requires on scalp lightening every 6 weeks. The shade will certainly be freshened at each lightening and also could be revitalized in between gos to if required.

Because it is a pastel color, it will certainly fade faster than a much deeper hue. Cleansing just as soon as a week or when definitely required is optimal to assist the color last much longer as well as aid keep the curls from shedding necessary oils. Even getting it damp can take a tiny bit of color out each time.

I would certainly not suggest this kind of color procedure if someone’s hair is chemically harmed or weak.

This is an all-natural crinkle that is fine with a tool thickness. The cut size as well as form functions well for most deal with forms. I believe this appearance is also about the really feeling the individual receives from using it. Go for it if they like it and it is appropriate for them! The bangs are best for somebody with a deeper forehead as well as they are prepared to get them trimmed regarding every 4 weeks.

I constantly recommend following your stylist’s recommendations for home treatment. Maintaining the hair in it’s finest condition will do wonders for the longevity of the shade and also the health of the scalp and also hair.

Ash Green Hair

Ash Green Hair

Exactly how would certainly you explain this look?

A warm shade such as red/yellow/orange generally looks burnt out when you maintain it for a lengthy duration. Complete head color is burnt out either, for this reason I made a decision to do ombre shade for her.

I enjoy the hairstyle that I provided for her as the long as well as specified layers add a lightness to her locks that make it a lot easier to swing and also crinkle by itself. Just a scrunch or 2 and she is good to go!

Any type of suggestions for somebody considering it?

Not everyone is able to carry this ash green hair color I would certainly say. One will certainly need to use makeup to stop herself from looking pale, as this is a great tone. Without make-up, it will make you look pale as well as reasonable.

Besides that, hair product and also mask are a should to create fewer tangles as well as likewise to make healthy and also shinier hairs. Maintenance-wise, wash your dyed hair with

sulfate-free hair shampoo and conditioner after 72 hours, as well as it is much better to use color hair shampoo for the dyed hair also.

Blue and also Green Balayage

Blue and also Green Balayage

Just how would certainly you explain this appearance?

We made use of a dark blue, a pure green, and yellow color to achieve the thaw. By the end of the rinse as well as shampoo, that yellow came to be the perfect lime green.

For her cut, I did a hairline bob. I felt the finished layers would certainly work nicely with the shade, making the hair stack upon itself. The greatest aspect of Julia’s hairstyle is just how we can make something that would normally be extremely high upkeep, into something she can use for months with it still looking terrific!

Any kind of advice for a person considering it?

This cut and also color is something you have to care for, utilize the correct items on, and also is pricey to upkeep. There are several bleaching services required before the green can even go on due to the fact that this look calls for the hair to be extremely light blonde. The bleach can make the hair fragile, so I suggest normal haircuts, deep treatments, and also healthy protein masks in your home. I normally recommend anywhere from 6-12 weeks for the next consultation, depending on just how your hair keeps color and also exactly how fast it expands.

Julia utilizes a conditioner that has green pigment in it. The most essential points before taking into consideration green hair are upkeep, the honesty of the hair, and also the time as well as cash spent in the beauty parlor!

Mint Green

Mint Green

How would certainly you describe this appearance?

This look is a silvery mint color on a textured bob shape. I love the representation of this ultra-light pastel tone!

Any kind of advice for somebody considering it?

Pastel tones are beautiful– and fleeting. A color such as this needs the lightest possible blonde undertones, as well as every single time you shampoo, the shade will certainly fade and alter. Typically with proper products as well as home care, a color such as this will certainly last 4-6 shampoos and then the hair will be back to blonde.

Emerald Green

Exactly how would certainly you describe this appearance?

This appearance is what I call a lived-in vibrant. That suggests, my client is able to expand her hair out without the fear of having any rough lines. The dimension in this hair color is my favorite aspect of this look, as my customer has low lights and also roots that are her all-natural color.

Any type of suggestions for someone considering it?

My most significant advice for maintaining the shade vibrancy of this emerald green is washing minimally, which implies stockpiling on dry hair shampoo! I recommend utilizing great water to maintain the cuticle as close as feasible when you do need to wash.

As for various other points you need to consider while considering coloring your hair eco-friendly, I recommend taking a look at your closet and choose if you will really feel comfortable in those clothes while your hair is eco-friendly. You do not intend to look like a Christmas present when you put that red shirt on! Shade combination is essential.


Witchy Green Streaks

Witchy Green Streaks

There is something a little witchy and also dangerous about integrating dark hair with thick streaks of various green tones. The combination of great teal with emerald environment-friendly and also just a tip of cozy lime stimulates the forest and the images of all sort of all-natural magic, especially at such an amazing size.

Emerald Green Hair with Touch of Lime

Emerald Green Hair with Touch of Lime

We love the hint of cozy as well as vivid lime green hair glimpsing from listed below the abundant waves of emerald environment-friendly in this long bob. The colormelt technique utilized to apply these shades just assists to highlight more dimensions from these healthy and balanced, thick tresses.


Grunge Tie-Dyed Green Hair

The most effective method to define this variant on green hair is conceptual. It’s the kind of shade mix that evokes tie-dye, though the particular tones chosen likewise provide us some more commercial, grunge vibes. Navy blue hair melts into a cozy woodland environment-friendly both at the roots and ends, while neon yellow contrasts starkly at the facility, but is offered depth by a couple of smokey forest green touches.


Purple as well as Green Complementary Ombre

Yellow-green and violet-purple are complementary shades, which means they seriously stand apart against each other. This makes this ombre extremely loud, recognizable, and, to be truthful, a little high-risk. We can not assume of a better mix of hair colors to attempt if you are not terrified of unsafe colors that need experienced equilibrium and also a whole lot of self-confidence.

All-natural to Neon Green Hair

It’s unusual to see such combinations of natural-looking hair colors with extra-bright neons, but it truly functions! The blonde hair is naturally a little warmer, which combines perfectly with the neon chartreuse color of completions. Wispy swirls make the neon green hair shade stand out even more!

Hot and Cold Green Hair Shades

Hot and Cold Green Hair Shades

Teal and lime comparison perfectly in this spectacular green hair development. Rather than a slope, this hair is offering us some subtle Billie Eilish vibes with extra dark roots, a shock of neon lime throughout the mids, and afterwards that stunning awesome environment-friendly teal at the ends.

Smokey Lime Green Hair

While the idea of Mountain Dew-inspired hair shades is terrible, the outcome is surprisingly spectacular! The smokey black to grey tone on top is eternally elegant as well as supplies a suppressing edginess to the extra bright and loud neon lemon-lime ends.


Mint Candy Green Hair

Mint Candy Green Hair

It’s not simply the confetti that makes this green hair shade look pleasant and also fresh! It’s a truly neutral shade of environment-friendly that is almost light adequate to be a pastel, however it’s filled sufficient to make an influence. It’s a shade that would certainly look terrific styled indifferently, however we do take pleasure in the pairing of waves and a blunt cut.

Golden Wattle Waves

The golden wattle is a type of acacia with deep green leaves as well as punchy yellow flowers, as well as this hairstyle totally embodies it. Natural origins consider that earthy touch, neutral environment-friendly waves are ever-flattering, and a tip of yellow near the front adds that flower illumination.

Lemon-Lime Soda Green Hair

Lemon-Lime Soda Green Hair

Mountain Dew remains to inspire (as well as to discover weird ways to advertise), with neon green hair that looks surprisingly awesome. Half lemon-lime, half emerald environment-friendly with both lighter and darker touches occasionally gives the very best of trendy as well as warm environment-friendly tones, and also creates an out-of-the-box half-and-half look that any person with progressive inclinations will certainly love.

Green and Purple Half-and-Half Hair

Green and Purple Half-and-Half Hair

Purple and also green make a wonderful color combination, and also we’re not simply saying that because we enjoy The Joker! The shades function well together, providing a punchy appearance, and also they seem a lot more unique when applied in half-and-half style. With such an unusual shade tale, styling the hair into waves can help soften things.

Opalescent Green Hair

We enjoy the opal impact that this hair coloring technique gives to this blue and green hair shade. It was attained by including a smokey pastel environment-friendly balayage with both great and warm tones over metal teal hair, causing a mix of textures and tones that is evocative the semi-precious gem.

Analog Green Tresses

Analog Green Tresses

The longer the hair, the much better a canvas it is for gradient hair color productions, as this sensational curly look shows. The gradient is an analog one, with blue-teal on top that fades right into a green hair color touched with yellow until it comes to be a much more extreme yellow lime right at the ends.

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