27 Pretty Small Box Braids Hairstyles to Try


Small Box Braids

Females with frizzy or actually curly hair often deal with difficulty each time they have to style it. A fantastic concept is to get box braids. Right here are 20 trendy small box braids you should take into consideration for your brief hair.


Small Box Braids

Little box braids are so very easy to design. The strands are very slim, which is the major reason why they’re so maneuverable. A leading braided bun looks chic and also fashionable on women of every age; the picture above offers a really cool hairstyle. It’s sophisticated and also smoothes however without looking overemphasize.

2 Redhead Braids

Small Box Braids

In the state of mind for an adjustment in color? Red nuances remain in pattern this period. Select the mix that ideal matches with your complexion, and also consider this sleek little braided hairstyle. We like the mix of loosened hair as well as a top bun; it makes the up-do appear vintage-like as well as unbelievably original.


Small Box Braids

We mentioned that little braids are easy to style. Because the thinness of the hair strands permits us to play with the locks, that’s. A side-swept edge paired with a reduced bun is the best style for a cocktail party or formal event. It’s sophisticated as well as very luring to consider.

4 From Small Braids to Micro

Small Box Braids

Loose small braids can look much like regular hair. Obviously, there’s an included wow impact as a result of the braids, but aside from that, the hairstyle looks the same. If you’re not very keen on advanced hairstyles however you still want to look wonderful, this intriguing design that goes from thin to thinner ought to definitely be considered.

5 Little Braids Bob

Small Box Braids

Because you have shorter hair it doesn’t suggest you can not get box braids, simply. Inspect the bob aware over. It has a center parting as well as it is layered to fit the face perfectly. When it comes to the braids, these are truly thin in order to make the hairdo appear uniform and also compact.
You’ll be happy to recognize that you can have both if you like small box braids yet you desire swirls as well. When it comes to much more challenging hairdos such as curls, one of the biggest benefits of these actually small pigtails is that they’re simple to style; even. Inspect the half straight, fifty percent curly pigtails over; they look so polished.

6 Side-Swept Small Braids

Small Box Braids

Side-swept little pigtails is an easy kind of hairdo. Females with lengthy hair, in particular, will certainly enjoy the style. And considering that you’re obtaining pigtails, why not transform your hair shade too? Blond is such a remarkable subtlety!

7 Small Braids Low Ponytail & Middle Parting

Small Box Braids

A reduced braid with a middle parting is an unbelievably charming type of hairdo. The thinner the pigtails the much better; nonetheless for the hairdo to look neat, you should accent it appropriately. Over-sized jewelry, for example, will draw out your gorgeous face functions.

8 Interesting Braiding & Top Bun

Small Box Braids

If you’re in the mood for a leading mohawk yet you don’t want to shave your head, you can select this great braiding design. Neatly crafted on the back, the hairstyle looks rather ingenious and posh as well. The top bun includes much more resourcefulness to the style.

9 Small Box Braids & Mohawk

Small Box Braids

Obtain an awesome mohawk as well as have your sides shaved! Protect the length of the hair, and see to it the box braids are as slim as possible. This will add a lot of motion to the hairstyle, as well as that you’ll feel a great deal much more certain also.

10 Tiny Braids & Messy Top

Small Box Braids

This casually-looking box knotted hairdo is quite fascinating actually. We like the lengthy locks blended with an unpleasant bun. It’s very easy to design and to put on, as well as that it draws out your free-spirited sense of design.

11 Over-Sized Bun

Small Box Braids

An over-sized bun is a fantastic method of including refinement to instead basic clothing. Moreover, if you wish to show up taller, this concept of a hairdo will add a few inches. Add the framework to the hairstyle by making certain that the bun has an attractive, rounded shape.

12 Small Box Braids Fishtail

Small Box Braids

What if you have lively little pigtails? You can still get a fishtail if your hair is long sufficient for the design.

13 Curly Small Box Braids

Small Box Braids

Because they’re sophisticated as well as so lively, curly box braids are enjoyable to put on. The styling can be done at home as well, utilizing a curling iron as well as hairspray. Nonetheless, it is basic to have slim pigtails for the coiffure to look outstanding.

14 Little Box Braids with Updo

What an intriguing updo! Females with slim box braids can choose a wealth of hairstyles. The one in the picture over appears attention-grabbing as well as exceptionally functional. That leading bun gives the style an extra result, while the connected middles disclose the lady’s popular bone structure.

15 Little Braids with Side Parting

Style your little box braids in the most basic, most ingenious way and also consider this smooth hairstyle. It is absolutely attractive since it’s so easy as well balanced. That side parting includes extra glam, therefore making the hairdo appropriate for both formal and laid-back events.

16 Top Braided Bun & Long Layers

The tiny box knotted design is wonderful for women with perfectly-round heads. The temple is not as well big or as well tiny, which implies that there’s a perfect equilibrium produced by the top bun.

17 Tiny Box Braids with Geometric Roots

There’s something concerning this hairstyle that shouts technology. The small box braids enhance wonderfully the geometric roots of the hairstyle. It’s certainly something brand-new, although if you crave a genuine modification without quiting your pigtails, this could be an optimal selection.

18 Small Box Braids Tied in a Messy Bun

Unpleasant buns can appearances streamlined and also hot as well! Examine out the fantastic tiny box braids in the photo over! What we like most regarding the design is equilibrium produced with the wearer’s face.



So sister lady took the standard bun appearance that a lot of females with small box braids wear, but added a little bit a lot more measurement to her design, platting the back right into a half french braid and also leaving the remainder to be styled right into the beefy bun, this design can be shaken a night out on the town or contemporary as well as about running duties. The design is sure to last as long as you maintain it tied up at nice and also make use of a little sheen spray to maintain the small box braids hydrated along with your hair. Too cute!


What can I say, these tiny box braids designs are doing it for me today! Just swoop the tiny box braids to the side or your face, form the pigtails right into an oblong twist all the braids around in a circle and safe and secure below the base with bobby pins.


Hey, hey now Jada Pinkett is stunting on them now with her own little style with the small box braids, having half the pigtails down and also half-up, she produced this design by parting one side of the little box braids as though they were cornrowed on the side, and also the opposite side creating tiny Bantu recognize like buns to create a great crown style on the other side of her head. A great spunky, as well as an enjoyable look, something that will certainly maintain Will Smith thinking what will certainly she shake following.


We see exactly how when you include a little shade to the little box braids it can make your whole style pop a bit a lot more. Giving it a different side, sometimes also a softer look. If a split looks, simply just taking one section of the tiny box braids on one side just rolling the pigtail into a small bun to obtain. This design would certainly make we wish to rock little box braids all year long, with as stylish as you can be with braids now.


Absolutely nothing much more refreshing then have the ideal of both worlds, easy on the go braids and curls. The smaller sized you get with box braids you have the adaptability to leave the ends of the hair out and make a curly consider completions, as though it’s really some loose fun hair. Obviously, you know this design can last you for months, as long as you maintain the ends and also maintain the pigtails hydrated, will certainly constantly provide this appearance as fresh look as though you just had them done!


Can’t get any more simpler than this ladies the traditional little bun updo. I will claim this it defeats the tiny bun with your all-natural hair any day, if you’re like me my hair is so coarse as well as without a perm for years trying to accomplish that smooth bun appearance is not occurring for me. So having little box braids with some loosened hair at the ends, you can cover the loose hair around the top as tight as you wish to have it so that method you can achieve a much more refined look. Traditional, link it up and out the door!!


Oh yes the side princess pigtail, the pigtails forming the front of the face like a small crown, after that cascading the side is all the little box braids right into one. What makes this side pigtail stand out a lot more then a few other is the wrap-around effect it has from the beginning of the braid, so it makes it more of an overstated, side braid appearance


Sister girl took it to a whole other degree with the front bun, providing it 3 dimensions, twisting the tiny box braids into a 2 hair twist like layout, it is then swirled right into 3 layers and safeguarded with a bobby pin to maintain in the area. The hint of color for highlights provides it, its own special flair for an extra stylish look that can be worn summer or winter.


Okay so the only distinction with this design is rather than being shaken in the front, its being styled in the center of the head. Take the exact same kind of method of shaping the little box braids into 2 strand twists like the design as well as cover and layer the braids 3 times to provide a trio bun kind look. The color of the pigtails aids the look even pop much more.

29 Tiny box braids

can be styled in several different means. Whether you ‘d like to have a high ponytail with a sided edge or a reduced bun with a middle parting, the good news is the selections are limitless. If you’re in the mood for an also bolder move, dye your box braids in a cool color.

Sister girl took the conventional bun look that a whole lot of women with little box braids put on, yet added a little a lot more dimension to her style, platting the back right into a half french braid as well as leaving the remainder to be styled right into the beefy bun, this design can be shaken a night out on the community or just out and also around running tasks.

The style is certain to last as long as you maintain it tied up at good and make use of a little sheen spray to keep the tiny box braids hydrated along with your hair. Simply swoop the small box braids to the side of your face, form the braids into an oblong twist all the braids around in a circle, and also secure underneath the bottom with bobby pins.

 30 High-Strung Box Braids Pony

Tiny little braids are super flexible as well as very easy to collaborate with, so why not toss them up in a high pony! Placement the pony at the top of your head and also cover it at the base for a sleek, put-together appearance.

31 Small Box Braids Bun on the top

Small Box Braids Bun on Top

This could be the most convenient as well as classiest of all the little box braids hairdos. Just create a bun at the crown as well as pin the design down with bobby pins or protect it with a rubber band. The appearance is even more outstanding with color-infused locks, as it showcases every color in your hair.

32 Bunned and also knotted Box Braids

To get this look, simply toss your hair up in a horse, separate it in sections and also braid. Wrap the horse right into a bun.

33 Small Box Braids in Boho Style

Small Box Braids in Boho Style

Take an area at each side of the head as well as entwine them both, protecting with an elastic band. Draw the braids to the back of your head as well as tie them together.

34 Red Ombre Box Braids

Flaunt your lengthy, gorgeous small private braids by adding a red ombré touch to them. This will lend much more vitality and also dimension to your design.

35 Wrapped and Ready Small Box Braids

Wrapped and Ready Small Box Braids

Include an unforeseen twist to your knotted bun by wrapping it at the base. This creates an all-natural accessory for your updo in addition to a super-stylish touch. Box braid’s designs never looked so excellent.

36 Face-Framing Braid

Face-Framing Braid

Develop a beautiful headband out of your slim braids. Just French pigtail the front of your hair until you hit the back of the head, just behind the ear. Pin it or secure it with an elastic and you’re great!

37 Half-Bunned Small Box Braids

Half-Bunned Small Box Braids

Attempt the current hair trend with your own personal spin on it. The amazing and edgy half-bun looks great with those little braids as they develop a one-of-a-kind texture and also shape!

38  Bobbed Box Braids

Bobbed Box Braids

Braided ‘dos look wonderful when worn chopped as well as brief! Try it on for size by rocking a plaited bob. Not only is this as easy as it obtains when it concerns styling, yet you’ll likewise always be the chicest one in the room!

39 Decorated Small Box Braids

Decorated Small Box Braids

Devices like headscarves look impressive on skinny-plaited hairdos. Try a printed headscarf and also do not hesitate to go bold with design and color!

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